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# Data structures
@array = (1, 2, 3);
print "First element in array: " . $array[0] . "\n";
%hash = ( "key" => "value" );
print $hash{"key"}, "\n";
# more examples
%hash = ("fire" => "red", "water" => "blue" );
%hash = (
"fire" => "red",
"water" => "blue",
"air" => "green",
"earth" => "brown"
foreach $key (keys %hash) {
print "key: $key value: $hash{$key} \n";
# Perl doesn't return anything from this loop so it's hard to
# chain things together. Also, it's confusing IMHO as to how to
# loop through this hash. You can do foreach $key (%hash) but
# it returns the values too.
# I feel like I forget how to do things in Perl more often
# even though I've been doing it since 1999. IDK, I see Perl guys
# forget these basics too. Especially when dereferencing. So
# they fire up Data::Dumper to see what state their data is in and then
# put print statements all over the place. Bleh.
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