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# Blocks are really important.
# So we need to keep looking at them.
# In Perl, if you want to pass in options to a sub, you might shift off a bunch of options.
# Typically, you might only use the module GetOptions for command line options.
# But in Ruby, passing in options is really quite easy and it makes for some nice behavior.
section_spacer "07. More on blocks"
def get_web_service options={}
# defaults
options = {
:url => "",
:path => '/api',
:params => { :muffins => true }
}.merge options
puts options
get_web_service({:url => ""})
# That's fine for simple options. But what if we want to give more control outside the method?
# Here's a trick people use. Set up
module App
class << self
attr_accessor :configuration
def self.configure
self.configuration ||=
class Configuration
attr_accessor :url, :path, :params
def initialize
@url = ''
@path = '/api'
@params = { :muffins => true }
App.configure do |config|
config.url = ''
puts App.configuration.inspect
#<App::Configuration:0x007faf43086138 @url="", @path="/api", @params={:muffins=>true}>
App.configure do |config|
config.path = '/weeeeee'
puts App.configuration.attributes
#<App::Configuration:0x007faad304e180 @url="", @path="/weeeeee", @params={:muffins=>true}>
# Yes, it's confusing. But look at the result! App is easy to use and understand and could
# easily be turned into a Singleton for use in a web application.
# A lot of Gems, Libraries and Ruby DSLs (domain specific languages) use this block technique for great justice. Most of the time
# you'll be using this technique, not writing it. For example, here's how you use Faraday, an HTTP client.
require 'faraday'
require 'pp'
require 'json'
conn = => '') do |faraday|
faraday.request :url_encoded # form-encode POST params
faraday.response :logger # log requests to STDOUT
faraday.adapter Faraday.default_adapter # make requests with Net::HTTP
response = conn.get do |request|
request.url '/api/wow/data/character/races'
request.options[:locale] = "fr_FR"
json_response = JSON.parse response.body
pp json_response