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# to ruby from perl
# Hey listen, this is all syntax stuff.
# Unfortunately, "switching" languages isn't just about syntax. It's about
# style, community, conventions and world view. So this can never be an
# end-all guide.
# We're going to start off the wrong way and talk about primitives first.
# This is a horrifyingly bad way to teach. But we're going to do it anyway.
# Take comfort in my opinion that the switch from Perl to Ruby is a good move.
# And many of the Perlisms will seem familiar to you. However, what you gain
# in readability, modernization, power, speed and happiness might change you
# as a coder in the best ways possible. I have no control group but I have
# enjoyed computer science more since learning Ruby. It truely is a thing of
# beauty.
# This file is just a utility program to kick off the numbered lessons.
# In other words, ignore the below.
# The ruby files (.rb) will mostly pair up with the perl files (.pl)
# Also, Google "Ruby Koans" instead of following my lesson. :P
# 1. open 01_primatives.rb in a text editor.
# 2. run 01_primatives.rb in a terminal side-by-side to see it work.
# IGNORE BELOW! This just runs the lessons by number.
def section_spacer(message)
puts "-" * 50
puts message
puts "-" * 50
def line
puts "-" * 50
require 'pry'
if ARGV[0]
lesson_number = ARGV[0]
# pad argument with leading zeros
lesson_number = "%02d" % lesson_number
file = Dir.glob("./#{lesson_number}_*.rb").first
require file
puts "Give me a lesson number. For example: `ruby #{__FILE__} 1.`"
exit 1