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Black Frame Insertion for the Windows Desktop
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LICENSE Initial commit Aug 21, 2019 Update, compile instructions Aug 23, 2019

This applies a black frame to half your display's refresh rate, alternating. It's meant to reduce motion blur on monitors with high refresh rates.

This won't work for games that require dedicated-fullscreen, but windowed-fullscreen is fine. There are some programs out there that help force games to run as windowed-fullscreen, I found this list:

Making half your frames black will cause your screen to dim, and probably also discolor. You can counteract this using your video card's color settings. My monitor loses more blue than red or green, so I had to up the gamma on blue.

Please understand that I'm not very experienced, so there's a good chance this program won't work perfectly. Please let me know if anything goes wrong!

To compile, you'll need the Windows Driver Kit, downloaded from here: You shouldn't need to add any include paths or anything.

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