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The Ruby BestBuy Remix API gem. Remix is an API that gives you access to's product catalog data and more.


sudo gem install remixr


Remixr.api_key = 'OU812' # get yours from
client =

Find stores

# find stores within 50 miles of ZIP 76227
stores = client.stores({:area => ['76227', 50]}).fetch.stores


=> {"city"=>"Denton", "longName"=>"Best Buy - Denton", "name"=>"Denton", "region"=>"TX", "address"=>"1800 S Loop 288, Ste 102 Bldg 1 ", "country"=>"US", "lng"=>-97.10067, "postalCode"=>"76205", "phone"=>"940-384-9581", "hours"=>"Mon: 10-9; Tue: 10-9; Wed: 10-9; Thurs: 10-9; Fri: 10-10; Sat: 10-10; Sun: 11-8", "storeId"=>827, "fullPostalCode"=>"76205", "lat"=>33.192524, "distance"=>9.79}

Find products

# fetch first page of products on sale below 20 bucks
products = client.products({:salePrice => {'$lt' => 20.00}}).fetch.products

# fetch only SKU and salePrice 
products = client.products({:salePrice => {'$lt' => 20.00}}).fetch.products


You can also chain stores and products to return stores and nested product info or vice versa

# find stores within 50 miles of ZIP 76227 and products over three G's

stores = client.stores({:area => ['76227', 50]}).products({:salePrice => {'$gt' => 3000}}).fetch.stores


#=> "ENERGY STAR Qualified 4 HDMI inputs; gray Touch of Color bezel; 16:9 aspect ratio"


All calls terminate in a call to fetch which takes the following options

:page - positive integer for page number
:show - comma delimited string or array of field names to show
:sort - hash or string of sort info {'fieldname' => 'asc|desc'}

Conditional operators

We took a page out of MongoDB's playbook and mapped conditional operators to text equivalents to avoid having these be keys to hashes:

{:salePrice => {'$gte' => 300.00}}
=> salePrice > 300.00

$gte - greater than or equal to : field > value
$lte - less than or equal to : field > value
$gt - greater than : field > value
$lt - less than : field > value
$ne - not equal to : field != value

More in the examples folder:



Copyright (c) 2009 Squeejee. See LICENSE for details.