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First, check your distribution's repository to see if there is an up-to-date package.
You can run gmusicbrowser without installation by simply decompressing the .tar.gz and running, either with a relative path :
or gmusicbrowser-VERSION/
or with an absolute path :
( will first look for its files in . and then in ../share/gmusicbrowser relative to where it resides)
RPM based distro
You can build a rpm from the .tar.gz :
rpmbuild -tb gmusicbrowser-VERSION.tar.gz
note that some version of rpm do not support the "Requires(hint):" line in the .spec file, and treat it as a strict "Requires:" :(
So you can just remove the line "Requires(hint):" from the spec file, and build the rpm again.
(You can move some of the "Requires(hint):" to the "Requires:")
DEB based distro
untar gmusicbrowser-VERSION.tar.gz :
tar xvf gmusicbrowser-VERSION.tar.gz
change to the main folder :
cd gmusicbrowser-VERSION/
If you have the debian/ folder, you should be able to build a deb by running :
from the main gmusicbrowser folder (it requires the debhelper package)
Any distribution
make install
You might want/need to install (from your favorite distribution repository) :
* to use mpg321/ogg123/flac123
o mpg321 to play mp3 files
o ogg123 to play ogg and flac files (found in a package names vorbis-tools)
o flac123 to play flac files (deprecated)
o amixer to control the volume (found in a package named alsa-utils)
* to use gstreamer-0.10
o gstreamer perl bindings >0.06 (package named libgstreamer-perl or perl-GStreamer)
o gstreamer library and gstreamer-plugins-base
o gstreamer-plugins-ugly to play mp3 files
o gstreamer-plugins-bad to play mpc files
o gstreamer-plugins-good to play flac files
o note that some codec may be packaged by themselves in some distribution, with names like gstreamer0.10-flac or gstreamer0.10-musepack
o some additional gstreamer plugins may also be required, depending on which output you want to use, like oss, alsa, pulseaudio, esd.
* to use mplayer
o mplayer
* to have a tray icon
o gtk2-trayicon perl bindings (package named libgtk2-trayicon-perl or perl-Gtk2-TrayIcon)
* to consult wikipedia pages and search google for lyrics, one of :
o gtk2-mozembed perl bindings (package named libgtk2-mozembed-perl or perl-Gtk2-MozEmbed) (see this page)
o gtk2-webkit perl bindings (package named perl-Gtk2-WebKit)
* to control gmusicbrowser through DBus or use the included gnome multimedia keys plugin (for gnome >= 2.18)
o DBus perl bindings (package named libnet-dbus-perl or perl-Net-DBus)
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