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# Copyright (C) 2005-2009 Quentin Sculo <>
# This file is part of Gmusicbrowser.
# Gmusicbrowser is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3, as
# published by the Free Software Foundation
use strict;
use warnings;
package GMB::DBus::Object;
use base 'Net::DBus::Object';
use Net::DBus::Exporter 'org.gmusicbrowser';
sub new
{ my ($class,$service) = @_;
my $self = $class->SUPER::new($service, '/org/gmusicbrowser');
bless $self, $class;
sub { ::Watch($self,CurSong => \&SongFieldsChanged);
::Watch($self,CurSongID =>\&SongChanged);
::Watch($self,PlayingSong =>\&PlayingSongChanged);
#::Watch($self,Save => \&GMB::DBus::Quit);
return $self;
dbus_method('RunCommand', ['string'], [],{no_return=>1});
sub RunCommand
{ my ($self,$cmd) = @_;
warn "Received DBus command : '$cmd'\n";
dbus_method('CurrentSong', [], [['dict', 'string', 'string']]);
sub CurrentSong
{ my $self=$_[0];
return {} unless defined $::SongID;
my %h;
$h{$_}=Songs::Get($::SongID,$_) for Songs::PropertyFields(), qw/uri album_picture/;
#warn "$_:$h{$_}\n" for sort keys %h;
return \%h;
dbus_method('CurrentSongFields', [['array', 'string']], [['array', 'string']]);
sub CurrentSongFields
{ my ($self,$fields)=@_;
return [] unless defined $::SongID;
my @ret= Songs::Get($::SongID,@$fields);
return \@ret;
dbus_method('GetPosition', [], ['double']);
sub GetPosition
{ my $self=$_[0];
return $::PlayTime || 0;
dbus_method('Playing', [], ['bool']);
sub Playing
{ return $::TogPlay ? 1 : 0;
dbus_method('Set', [['struct', 'string', 'string', 'string']], ['bool']);
sub Set
{ my ($self,$array)=@_;
Songs::SetTagValue(@$array); #return false on error, true if ok
dbus_method('Get', [['struct', 'string', 'string']], ['string']);
sub Get
{ my ($self,$array)=@_;
dbus_method('GetLibrary', [], [['array', 'uint32']]);
sub GetLibrary
{ $::Library;
dbus_method('GetAlbumCover', ['uint32'], ['string']);
sub GetAlbumCover
{ my ($self,$ID)=@_;
my $file=Songs::Get($ID,'album_picture');
return $file;
#slow, not a good idea
dbus_method('GetAlbumCoverData', ['uint32'], [['array', 'byte']]);
sub GetAlbumCoverData
{ my ($self,$ID)=@_;
my $file=GetAlbumCover($self,$ID);
return undef unless $file && -r $file;
my $data;
if ($file=~m/\.(?:mp3|flac)$/i)
{ $data=ReadTag::PixFromMusicFile($file);
{ open my$fh,'<',$file; binmode $fh;
read $fh,$data, (stat $file)[7];
close $fh;
return [map ord,split //, $data];
dbus_method(CopyFields => [['array', 'string']], ['bool']);
#copy fields from one song to another
#1st arg : filename of ID of source, 2nd arg filename or ID of dest, both must be in the library,
#following args are list of fields, example : added, lastplay, playcount, lastskip, skipcount, rating, label
sub CopyFields
{ my ($self,$array)=@_;
#my ($file1,$file2,@fields)=@$array;
Songs::CopyFields(@$array); #returns true on error
dbus_signal(SongFieldsChanged => ['uint32']);
sub SongFieldsChanged
{ $_[0]->emit_signal(SongFieldsChanged => $::SongID||0);
dbus_signal(SongChanged => ['uint32']);
sub SongChanged
{ $_[0]->emit_signal(SongChanged => $::SongID||0);
dbus_signal(PlayingSongChanged => ['uint32']);
sub PlayingSongChanged
{ $_[0]->emit_signal(PlayingSongChanged => $::SongID||0);
package GMB::DBus;
use Net::DBus;
use Net::DBus::Service;
my $not_glib_dbus;
our $bus;
eval { require Net::DBus::GLib; $bus=Net::DBus::GLib->session; };
unless ($bus)
{ #warn "Net::DBus::GLib not found (not very important)\n";
$bus= Net::DBus->session;
Glib::Idle->add(\&init); #initialize once the main gmb init is finished
sub init
{ #my $bus = Net::DBus->session;
my $service= $bus->export_service($::DBus_id); # $::DBus_id is 'org.gmusicbrowser' by default
my $object = GMB::DBus::Object->new($service);
DBus_mainloop_hack() if $not_glib_dbus;
0; #called in an idle, return 0 to run only once
use Net::DBus::Annotation qw(:call);
sub simple_call #$service_path can be service_and_path separated by space, or the object
{ my ($service_path,$method,$args,$reply)=@_;
my $return= eval
{ my $object;
if (ref $service_path) { $object=$service_path }
{ my ($name,$path)= split / +/,$service_path,2;
my $service= $bus->get_service($name);
return $service unless $path;
my $interface= $path=~s#^([^/]+)## ? $1 : undef;
$object = $service->get_object($path,$interface);
return $object unless $method;
$reply&&= $reply eq 'async' ? dbus_call_async :
$reply eq 'noreply' ? dbus_call_noreply : undef;
return $object->$method(($reply||()),@$args);
return $@ ? undef : $return;
sub DBus_mainloop_hack
{ # use Net::DBus internals to connect it to the Glib mainloop, though unlikely, it may break with future version of Net::DBus
use Net::DBus::Reactor;
my $reactor=Net::DBus::Reactor->main;
for my $ref (['in','read'],['out','write'], ['err','exception'])
{ my ($type1,$type2)=@$ref;
for my $fd (keys %{$reactor->{fds}{$type2}})
{ #warn "$fd $type2";
sub{ my $cb=$reactor->{fds}{$type2}{$fd}{callback};
$cb->invoke if $cb;
$_->invoke for $reactor->_dispatch_hook;
}) if $reactor->{fds}{$type2}{$fd}{enabled};
#Glib::IO->add_watch($fd,$type1,sub { Net::DBus::Reactor->main->step;Net::DBus::Reactor->main->step;1; }) if $reactor->{fds}{$type2}{$fd}{enabled};
# run the dbus mainloop once so that events already pending are processed
# needed if events already waiting when gmb is starting
my $timeout=$reactor->add_timeout(1, Net::DBus::Callback->new( method => sub {} ));
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