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# Copyright (C) 2005-2013 Quentin Sculo <>
# This file is part of Gmusicbrowser.
# Gmusicbrowser is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3, as
# published by the Free Software Foundation
package Play_mplayer;
use strict;
use warnings;
use IO::Handle;
use POSIX ':sys_wait_h'; #for WNOHANG in waitpid
#$SIG{CHLD} = 'IGNORE'; # to make sure there are no zombies #cause crash after displaying a file dialog and then runnning an external command with mandriva's gtk2
#$SIG{CHLD} = sub { while (waitpid(-1, WNOHANG)>0) {} };
my (@cmd_and_args,$file,$ChildPID,$WatchTag,$WatchTag2,$OUTPUTfh,@pidToKill,$Kill9);
my $CMDfh;
my (%supported,$mplayer);
my $SoftVolume;
my $GainFactor=1;
my $playcounter;
my $EQon;
$::PlayPacks{Play_mplayer}=1; #register the package
sub init
{ undef %supported;
$mplayer= $::Options{mplayer_cmd};
if ($mplayer && !-x $mplayer && !(::first { -x $_ } map $_.::SLASH.$mplayer, split /:/, $ENV{PATH}))
{ $mplayer=undef;
$mplayer ||= ::first { -x $_ } map $_.::SLASH.'mplayer', split /:/, $ENV{PATH};
return unless $mplayer;
return bless {RG=>1,EQ=>1},__PACKAGE__; #FIXME RG should be 0 if replaygain tags are disabled or if not $SoftVolume
sub supported_formats
{ return () unless $mplayer;
unless (keys %supported)
{for (qx($mplayer -msglevel all=4 -ac help))
{ if (m/^(?:mad|ffmp3)\W.*working/){$supported{mp3}=undef}
elsif (m/^vorbis.*working/) {$supported{oga}=undef}
elsif (m/^musepack.*working/) {$supported{mpc}=undef}
elsif (m/^ffflac.*working/) {$supported{flac}=undef}
elsif (m/^ffwavpack.*working/){$supported{wv}=undef}
elsif (m/^ffape.*working/) {$supported{ape}=undef}
elsif (m/^faad.*working/) {$supported{m4a}=undef}
elsif (m/^ff(?:lib)?opus.*working/) {$supported{opus}=undef}
return keys %supported;
sub VolInit
{ # check if support -volume option
$SoftVolume= !system($mplayer,qw/-really-quiet -softvol -volume 100/) unless defined $SoftVolume;
return undef if $SoftVolume; #use methods from this package
return Play_amixer::init(); #use methods from Play_amixer
sub launch_mplayer
{ $playcounter=0;
#-nocache because when using the cache option it spawns a child process, which makes monitoring the mplayer process much harder
#-hr-mp3-seek to fix wrong time with some mp3s
@cmd_and_args=($mplayer,qw#-nocache -idle -slave -novideo -nolirc -hr-mp3-seek -msglevel all=1:statusline=5:global=6 -input nodefault-bindings:conf=/dev/null#);
push @cmd_and_args, qw/-softvol -volume 0 -softvol-max 100/ if $SoftVolume;
push @cmd_and_args,split / /,$::Options{mplayeroptions} if $::Options{mplayeroptions};
warn "@cmd_and_args\n" if $::debug;
pipe $OUTPUTfh,my$wfh;
pipe my($rfh),$CMDfh;
if (!defined $ChildPID) { warn "gmusicbrowser_mplayer : fork failed : $!\n"; ::ErrorPlay("Fork failed : $!"); return }
elsif ($ChildPID==0) #child
{ close $OUTPUTfh; close $CMDfh;
open my($olderr), ">&", \*STDERR;
open \*STDIN, '<&='.fileno $rfh;
open \*STDOUT,'>&='.fileno $wfh;
open \*STDERR,'>&='.fileno $wfh;
exec @cmd_and_args or print $olderr "launch failed (@cmd_and_args) : $!\n";
close $wfh; close $rfh;
$OUTPUTfh->blocking(0); #set non-blocking IO
$WatchTag= Glib::IO->add_watch(fileno($OUTPUTfh),'hup',\&_eos_cb);
return 1;
sub Play
{ (undef,$file,my$sec)=@_;
launch_mplayer() unless $ChildPID;
print $CMDfh "loadfile \"$file\"\n";
$EQon= $::Options{use_equalizer} ? 1 : 0;
print $CMDfh "af_add equalizer=$::Options{equalizer}\n" if $EQon;
SetVolume(undef,$::Volume) if $SoftVolume;
$sec = $sec ? $sec : 0;
warn "playing $file (pid=$ChildPID)\n" if $::Verbose;
sub handle_error
{ my $error=shift;
::ErrorPlay($error,_("Command used :")."\n@cmd_and_args");
sub _eos_cb
{ my $error;
_remotemsg();#parse last lines
#close $OUTPUTfh;
if ($ChildPID && $ChildPID==waitpid($ChildPID, WNOHANG))
{ $error=_"Check your audio settings" if $?;
while (waitpid(-1, WNOHANG)>0) {} #reap dead children
handle_error($error) if $error;
return 1;
sub set_equalizer
{ my (undef,$val)=@_;
return unless $ChildPID;
return if !$EQon && $val eq '0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0';
# should be able to do either af_add or af_cmdline, but for some reason af_add doesn't
# set the equalizer, so do either af_add+af_cmdline or af_cmdline
print $CMDfh "af_add equalizer $val\n" unless $EQon;
print $CMDfh "af_cmdline equalizer $val\n";
sub EQ_Get_Range
{ return (-12,12,'dB');
sub EQ_Get_Hz
{ my $i=$_[1];
# mplayer and GST equalizers use the same bands, but they are indicated differently
# mplayer docs list band center frequences, GST reports band start freqs. Using GST values here for consistency
my @bands=(qw/29Hz 59Hz 119Hz 237Hz 474Hz 947Hz 1.9kHz 3.8kHz 7.5kHz 15.0kHz/);
return $bands[$i];
sub _remotemsg
{ for (<$OUTPUTfh>)
{ if ($playcounter==1 && m#^A:\s*(\d+)\.(\d) #) { ::UpdateTime( $1+($2>=5?1:0) ); next }
warn "mplayer:$_" if $::debug;
if ($playcounter>0 && m#^EOF code: \d#)
{ ::end_of_file() unless --$playcounter;
if ( m#^(Could not open/initialize audio device)# ||
m#^(Failed to open .+)# ||
m#^(Failed to recognize file format)#
{ handle_error($1);
return 1;
return 1;
sub Pause
{ print $CMDfh "pause\n";
sub Resume
{ print $CMDfh "pause\n";
sub SkipTo
{ my $sec=$_[1];
::setlocale(::LC_NUMERIC, 'C');
print $CMDfh "pausing_keep seek $sec 2\n";
::setlocale(::LC_NUMERIC, '');
sub Stop
{ if ($WatchTag)
{ Glib::Source->remove($WatchTag);
if ($ChildPID)
{ print $CMDfh "quit\n";
#close $OUTPUTfh;
Glib::Timeout->add( 100,\&_Kill_timeout ) unless @pidToKill;
$Kill9=0; #_Kill_timeout will first try INT, then KILL
push @pidToKill,$ChildPID;
undef $ChildPID;
sub _Kill_timeout #make sure old children are dead
{ while (waitpid(-1, WNOHANG)>0) {} #reap dead children
@pidToKill=grep kill(0,$_), @pidToKill; #checks to see which ones are still there
if (@pidToKill)
{ warn "Sending ".($Kill9 ? 'KILL' : 'INT')." signal to @pidToKill\n" if $::debug;
if ($Kill9) {kill KILL=>@pidToKill;}
else {kill INT=>@pidToKill;}
$Kill9=1; #use KILL if they are still there next time
return @pidToKill; #removes the timeout if no more @pidToKill
sub AdvancedOptions
{ my $vbox=Gtk3::VBox->new(::FALSE, 2);
my $sg1=Gtk3::SizeGroup->new('horizontal');
my $opt=::NewPrefEntry('mplayeroptions',_"mplayer options :", sizeg1=>$sg1);
my $cmd=::NewPrefEntry('mplayer_cmd',_"mplayer executable :", cb=> \&init, tip=>_"Will use default if not found", sizeg1=>$sg1);
$vbox->pack_start($_,::FALSE,::FALSE,2), for $cmd,$opt;
VolInit() unless defined $SoftVolume;
$vbox->pack_start(Play_amixer::make_option_widget(),::FALSE,::FALSE,2) unless $SoftVolume;
return $vbox;
# Volume functions
sub GetVolume {$::Volume}
sub GetMute {$::Mute}
sub SetVolume
{ shift;
my $set=shift;
if ($set eq 'mute') { $::Mute=$::Volume; $::Volume=0; }
elsif ($set eq 'unmute') { $::Volume=$::Mute; $::Mute=0; }
elsif ($set=~m/^\+(\d+)$/) { $::Volume+=$1; }
elsif ($set=~m/^-(\d+)$/) { $::Volume-=$1; }
elsif ($set=~m/(\d+)/) { $::Volume =$1; }
$::Volume=0 if $::Volume<0;
$::Volume=100 if $::Volume>100;
my $vol= convertvolume($::Volume); #use a cubic volume scale and apply $GainFactor
print $CMDfh "volume $vol 1\n" if $ChildPID;
sub convertvolume #convert a linear volume to cubic volume scale and apply $GainFactor
{ my $vol=$_[0];
$vol= 100*($vol/100)**3;
$vol*= $GainFactor;
# will be sent to mplayer as string, make sure it use a dot as decimal separator
::setlocale(::LC_NUMERIC, 'C');
::setlocale(::LC_NUMERIC, '');
return $vol;
sub RG_set_options
{ return unless $SoftVolume;
if (defined($::PlayingID) && $::Options{use_replaygain})
{ my ($gain1,$gain2,$peak1,$peak2)= Songs::Get($::PlayingID, qw/replaygain_track_gain replaygain_album_gain replaygain_track_peak replaygain_album_peak/);
($gain1,$gain2,$peak1,$peak2)= ($gain2,$gain1,$peak1,$peak2) if $::Options{rg_albummode};
my $gain= ::first { $_ ne '' } $gain1, $gain2, $::Options{rg_fallback};
$gain+= $::Options{rg_preamp};
$GainFactor= 10**($gain/20);
my $peak= $peak1 || $peak2 || 1;
my $invpeak= 1/$peak;
warn "gain=$gain peak=$peak => scale factor=min($GainFactor,$invpeak)\n" if $::debug;
$GainFactor= $invpeak if $invpeak<$GainFactor; #clipping prevention, make it an option ?
else {$GainFactor=1}
return unless $ChildPID;
my $vol= convertvolume($::Volume);
print $CMDfh "volume $vol 1\n";
#sub sendcmd {print $CMDfh "$_[0]\n";} #DEBUG #Play_mplayer::sendcmd('volume 0')
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