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# Copyright (C) 2005-2011 Quentin Sculo <>
# This file is part of Gmusicbrowser.
# Gmusicbrowser is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3, as
# published by the Free Software Foundation
package Simple_http;
use strict;
use warnings;
use Socket;# 1.3; ?
use Fcntl;
use IO::Handle;
use constant { EOL => "\015\012" };
my %ipcache; #FIXME purge %ipcache from time to time
my $UseCache= *GMB::Cache::add{CODE};
my $gzip_ok;
{ eval { require IO::Uncompress::Gunzip; $gzip_ok=1; };
sub get_with_cb
{ my $self=bless {};
my $error;
if (ref $_[0]) {$self=shift; $error='Too many redirections' if 5 < $self->{redirect}++; }
my %params=@_;
delete $params{cache} unless $UseCache;
my ($callback,$url,$post)=@params{qw/cb url post/};
if (my $cached= $params{cache} && GMB::Cache::get($url))
{ warn "cached result\n" if $::debug;
Glib::Timeout->add(10,sub { $callback->( ${$cached->{data}}, type=>$cached->{type}, filename=>$cached->{filename}, ); 0});
return $self;
warn "simple_http : fetching $url\n" if $::debug;
my ($host,$port,$file);
my $socket;
{ last if $error;
if ( $url=~s#^([a-z]+)://## && $1 ne 'http' )
{ $error="Protocol $1 not supported"; last; }
($host,$port,$file)= $url=~m#^([^/:]+)(?::(\d+))?(.*)$#;
if (defined $host)
{ $port=80 unless defined $port;
$file='/' if $file eq '';
else { $error='Bad url : http://'.$url; last; }
my $proxyhost=$::Options{Simplehttp_ProxyHost};
if ($::Options{Simplehttp_Proxy} && defined $proxyhost && $proxyhost ne '')
{ $file="http://$host:".$port.$file;
$port=80 unless defined $port && $port=~m/^\d+$/;
my $addr;
if ($host=~m#^\d+\.\d+\.\d+.\d+$#) {$addr=inet_aton($host);}
else { $addr=$ipcache{$host}||=inet_aton($host)}#FIXME not asynchronous, use a fork ?
unless ($addr)
{ $error="Can't resolve host $host"; last; }
socket($socket, PF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, getprotobyname('tcp'));
my $paddr=pack_sockaddr_in(0, INADDR_ANY);
unless ( bind $socket,$paddr )
{ $error=$!; last; }
my $sin=sockaddr_in($port,$addr);
fcntl $socket,F_SETFL,O_NONBLOCK; #unless $^O eq "MSWin32"
connect $socket,$sin;
if (defined $error)
{ $error="Cannot connect to server $host:$port : $error" if $host;
warn "$error\n";
Glib::Timeout->add(10,sub { $callback->(undef,error=>$error); 0 });
return $self;
return $self;
sub connecting_cb
{ my $failed= ($_[1] >= 'hup'); #connection failed
my $self=$_[2];
my $socket=$self->{sock};
my $port=$self->{port};
my $host=$self->{host};
my $params= $self->{params};
if ($failed)
{ warn "Cannot connect to server $host:$port\n";
close $socket;
$params->{cb}(undef,error=>"Connection failed");
return 0;
#binmode $socket,':encoding(iso-8859-1)';
my $post=$params->{post};
my $method=defined $post ? 'POST' : 'GET';
my $useragent= $params->{user_agent} || 'Mozilla/5.0';
my $accept= $params->{'accept'} || '';
print $socket "$method $self->{file} HTTP/1.0".EOL;
print $socket "Host: $host:$port".EOL;
print $socket "User-Agent: $useragent".EOL;
print $socket "Referer: $params->{referer}".EOL if $params->{referer};
print $socket "Accept: $accept".EOL;
print $socket "Accept-Encoding: gzip".EOL if $gzip_ok;
#print $socket "Connection: Keep-Alive".EOL;
if (defined $post)
{ print $socket 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8'.EOL;
print $socket "Content-Length: ".length($post).EOL.EOL;
print $socket $post.EOL;
print $socket EOL;
return 0;
sub progress
{ my $self=shift;
my ($length)= $self->{buffer}=~m/\015\012Content-Length:\s*(\d+)\015\012/i;
my $pos= index $self->{buffer}, EOL.EOL;
my $progress;
my $size=0;
if ($pos>=0)
{ $size=length($self->{buffer})-2-$pos;
if ($length)
{ $progress= $size/$length;
$progress=undef if $progress>1;
# $progress is undef or between 0 and 1
return $progress,$size;
sub receiving_cb
{ my $self=$_[2];
return 1 if read $self->{sock},$self->{buffer},1024,length($self->{buffer});
close $self->{sock};
#warn "watch done\n";
my $url=$self->{params}{url};
my $callback=$self->{params}{cb};
my $EOL=EOL;
my ($headers,$response)=split /$EOL$EOL/o,delete $self->{buffer},2;
$headers='empty answer' unless defined $headers;
(my$result,$headers)=split /$EOL/o,$headers,2;
if ($::debug)
{ warn "0|$_\n" for $result,split /$EOL/o,$headers;
my %headers;
$headers{lc $1}=$2 while $headers=~m/([^:]*): (.*?)$EOL/og;
my $filename;
if ($headers{'content-disposition'} && $headers{'content-disposition'}=~m#^\s*\w+\s*;\s*filename(\*)?=(.*)$#mgi)
{ $filename=$2; my $rfc5987=$1;
#decode filename, not perfectly, but good enough ( is a good reference)
my $enc='iso-8859-1';
if ($rfc5987 && $filename=~s#^([A-Za-z0-9_-]+)'\w*'##) {$enc=$1; $filename=::decode_url($filename)} #RFC5987
{ if ($filename=~s/^"(.*)"$/$1/) { $filename=~s#\x00(\d+)\x00#chr($1)#ge; $filename=~s#\\(.)#"\x00".ord($1)."\x00"#ge; }
elsif ($filename=~m#[^A-Za-z0-9_.\x00-]#) {$filename=''}
$filename= eval {Encode::decode($enc,$filename)};
if (my $enc=$headers{'content-encoding'})
{ if ($enc eq 'gzip' && $gzip_ok)
{ my $gzipped= $response;
IO::Uncompress::Gunzip::gunzip( \$gzipped, \$response )
or do {warn "simple_http : gunzip failed: $IO::Uncompress::Gunzip::GunzipError\n"; $result='gunzip error';};
{ warn "simple_http_wget : can't decode '$enc' encoding\n";
if ($result=~m#^HTTP/1\.\d+ 200 OK#)
{ #warn "ok $url\n$callback\n";
my $type=$headers{'content-type'};
if ($self->{params}{cache} && defined $response)
{ GMB::Cache::add($url,{data=>\$response,type=>$type,size=>length($response),filename=>$filename});
$callback->($response, type=>$type, url=>$self->{params}{url}, filename=>$filename);
elsif ($result=~m#^HTTP/1\.\d+ 30[123]# && $headers{location}) #redirection
{ my $url=$headers{location};
unless ($url=~m#^http://#)
{ my $base=$self->{params}{url};
if ($url=~m#^/#){$base=~s#^(?:http://)?([^/]+).*$#$1#;}
else {$base=~s#[^/]*$##;}
$self->get_with_cb( %{$self->{params}} );
{ warn "Error fetching $url : $result\n";
return 0;
sub abort
{ my $self=$_[0];
Glib::Source->remove($self->{watch}) if defined $self->{watch};
close $self->{sock} if defined $self->{sock};