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# Copyright (C) 2008-2011 Quentin Sculo <>
# This file is part of Gmusicbrowser.
# Gmusicbrowser is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3, as
# published by the Free Software Foundation
package Simple_http;
use strict;
use warnings;
use POSIX ':sys_wait_h'; #for WNOHANG in waitpid
use IO::Handle;
my $UseCache= *GMB::Cache::add{CODE};
my $orig_proxy=$ENV{http_proxy};
my $gzip_ok;
{ eval { require IO::Uncompress::Gunzip; $gzip_ok=1; };
sub get_with_cb
{ my $self=bless {};
my %params=@_;
my ($callback,$url,$post)=@params{qw/cb url post/};
delete $params{cache} unless $UseCache;
if (my $cached= $params{cache} && GMB::Cache::get($url))
{ warn "cached result\n" if $::debug;
Glib::Timeout->add(10,sub { $callback->( ${$cached->{data}}, type=>$cached->{type}, filename=>$cached->{filename}, ); 0});
return $self;
warn "simple_http_wget : fetching $url\n" if $::debug;
my $proxy= $::Options{Simplehttp_Proxy} ? $::Options{Simplehttp_ProxyHost}.':'.($::Options{Simplehttp_ProxyPort}||3128)
: $orig_proxy;
my $useragent= $params{user_agent} || 'Mozilla/5.0';
my $accept= $params{'accept'} || '';
my $gzip= $gzip_ok ? '--header=Accept-Encoding: gzip' : '';
my @cmd_and_args= (qw/wget --timeout=40 -S -O -/, $gzip, "--header=Accept: $accept", "--user-agent=$useragent");
push @cmd_and_args, "--referer=$params{referer}" if $params{referer};
push @cmd_and_args, '--post-data='.$post if $post; #FIXME not sure if I should escape something
push @cmd_and_args, '--',$url;
pipe my($content_fh),my$wfh;
pipe my($error_fh),my$ewfh;
my $pid=fork;
if (!defined $pid) { warn "simple_http_wget : fork failed : $!\n"; Glib::Timeout->add(10,sub {$callback->(); 0}); return $self }
elsif ($pid==0) #child
{ close $content_fh; close $error_fh;
open my($olderr), ">&", \*STDERR;
open \*STDOUT,'>&='.fileno $wfh;
open \*STDERR,'>&='.fileno $ewfh;
exec @cmd_and_args or print $olderr "launch failed (@cmd_and_args) : $!\n";
close $wfh; close $ewfh;
$content_fh->blocking(0); #set non-blocking IO
$self->{watch}= Glib::IO->add_watch(fileno($content_fh),[qw/hup err in/],\&receiving_cb,$self);
$self->{ewatch}= Glib::IO->add_watch(fileno($error_fh), [qw/hup err in/],\&receiving_e_cb,$self);
return $self;
sub receiving_e_cb
{ my $self=$_[2];
return 1 if read $self->{error_fh},$self->{ebuffer},1024,length($self->{ebuffer});
close $self->{error_fh};
while (waitpid(-1, WNOHANG)>0) {} #reap dead children
return $self->{ewatch}=0;
sub receiving_cb
{ my $self=$_[2];
return 1 if read $self->{content_fh},$self->{content},1024,length($self->{content});
close $self->{content_fh};
while (waitpid(-1, WNOHANG)>0) {} #reap dead children
my $url= $self->{params}{url};
my $callback= $self->{params}{cb};
my $type; my $result='';
$url=$1 while $self->{ebuffer}=~m#^Location: (\w+://[^ ]+)#mg;
$type=$1 while $self->{ebuffer}=~m#^ Content-Type: (.*)$#mg; ##
$result=$1 while $self->{ebuffer}=~m#^ (HTTP/1\.\d+.*)$#mg; ##
#warn $self->{ebuffer};
my $filename;
while ($self->{ebuffer}=~m#^ Content-Disposition:\s*\w+\s*;\s*filename(\*)?=(.*)$#mgi)
{ $filename=$2; my $rfc5987=$1;
#decode filename, not perfectly, but good enough ( is a good reference)
my $enc='iso-8859-1';
if ($rfc5987 && $filename=~s#^([A-Za-z0-9_-]+)'\w*'##) {$enc=$1; $filename=::decode_url($filename)} #RFC5987
{ if ($filename=~s/^"(.*)"$/$1/) { $filename=~s#\x00(\d+)\x00#chr($1)#ge; $filename=~s#\\(.)#"\x00".ord($1)."\x00"#ge; }
elsif ($filename=~m#[^A-Za-z0-9_.\x00-]#) {$filename=''}
$filename= eval {Encode::decode($enc,$filename)};
my ($enc)= $self->{ebuffer}=~m#^ Content-Encoding:\s*(.*)#mg;
if ($enc)
{ if ($enc eq 'gzip' && $gzip_ok)
{ my $gzipped= $self->{content};
IO::Uncompress::Gunzip::gunzip( \$gzipped, \$self->{content} )
or do {warn "simple_http_wget : gunzip failed: $IO::Uncompress::Gunzip::GunzipError\n"; $result='gunzip error';};
{ warn "simple_http_wget : can't decode '$enc' encoding\n";
if ($result=~m#^HTTP/1\.\d+ 200 OK#)
{ my $response=\$self->{content};
if ($self->{params}{cache} && defined $$response)
{ GMB::Cache::add($url,{data=>$response,type=>$type,size=>length($$response),filename=>$filename});
{ warn "Error fetching $url : $result\n";
return $self->{watch}=0;
sub progress
{ my $self=shift;
my $length;
$length=$1 while $self->{ebuffer}=~m/Content-Length:\s*(\d+)/ig;
my $size= length $self->{content};
my $progress;
if ($length && $size)
{ $progress= $size/$length;
$progress=undef if $progress>1;
# $progress is undef or between 0 and 1
return $progress,$size;
sub abort
{ my $self=$_[0];
Glib::Source->remove($self->{watch}) if $self->{watch};
Glib::Source->remove($self->{ewatch}) if $self->{ewatch};
kill INT=>$self->{pid} if $self->{pid};
close $self->{content_fh} if defined $self->{content_fh};
close $self->{error_fh} if defined $self->{error_fh};
while (waitpid(-1, WNOHANG)>0) {} #reap dead children
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