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add a warning when using a gmbrc from a future version

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1 parent e77f26a commit 3d21002bf1209a9cad54dc83d471975138f3c8a4 @squentin committed Jun 2, 2012
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@@ -2016,6 +2016,7 @@ sub ReadSavedTags #load tags _and_ settings
SongArray::start_init(); #every SongArray read in Options will be updated to new IDs by SongArray::updateIDs later
$oldversion||=delete $Options{version} || VERSION; # for version <=1.1.7
+ if ($oldversion>VERSION) { warn "Loading a gmbrc saved with a more recent version of gmusicbrowser, try upgrading gmusicbrowser if there are problems\n"; }
if ($oldversion<1.1007) {delete $Options{$_} for qw/Diacritic_sort gst_volume Simplehttp_CacheSize/;} #cleanup old options
$Options{AutoRemoveCurrentSong}= delete $Options{TAG_auto_check_current} if $oldversion<1.1005 && exists $Options{TAG_auto_check_current};
$Options{PlayedMinPercent}= 100*delete $Options{PlayedPercent} if exists $Options{PlayedPercent};

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