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various improvements and small fixes to error dialogs asking to retry

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squentin committed Dec 17, 2013
1 parent 576b60a commit 8276e978cc6f6dd8f30ff1077e19a783c266e4db
@@ -4301,7 +4301,7 @@ sub set_biscrolling #makes the mouse wheel scroll vertically when the horizontal
sub CreateDir
{ my ($path,$win,$abortmsg)=@_;
{ my ($path,$win,$errormsg,$abortmsg,$many)=@_;
my $current='';
for my $dir (split /$QSLASH/o,$path)
{ $dir= CleanupFileName($dir);
@@ -4310,8 +4310,10 @@ sub CreateDir
next if -d $current;
until (mkdir $current)
{ #if (-f $current) { ErrorMessage("Can't create folder '$current' :\na file with that name exists"); return undef }
my $ret=Retry_Dialog( __x( _"Can't create Folder '{path}' : \n{error}", path => $current, error=> $!) ,$win,$abortmsg);
return $ret unless $ret eq 'yes';
my $details= __x( _"Can't create folder: {path}", path => filename_to_utf8displayname($current));
$errormsg||= _"Error creating folder";
my $ret= Retry_Dialog($!,$errormsg, details=>$details, window=>$win, abortmsg=>$abortmsg, many=>$many);
return $ret unless $ret eq 'retry';
return 'ok';
@@ -4330,9 +4332,8 @@ sub CopyMoveFiles
{ my ($IDs,%options)=@_;
my ($copy,$basedir,$dirformat,$fnformat,$parentwindow)= @options{qw/copy basedir dirformat filenameformat parentwindow/};
return if !$copy && $CmdLine{ro};
my ($sub,$errormsg,$abortmsg)= $copy ? (\&copy,_"Copy failed",_"abort copy")
my ($sub,$errormsg0,$abortmsg)= $copy ? (\&copy,_"Copy failed",_"abort copy")
: (\&move,_"Move failed",_"abort move") ;
$abortmsg=undef unless @$IDs>1;
my $action=($copy) ? __("Copying file","Copying %d files",scalar@$IDs) :
__("Moving file", "Moving %d files", scalar@$IDs) ;
@@ -4349,24 +4350,27 @@ sub CopyMoveFiles
my $done=0;
my $owrite_all;
my ($owrite_all,$skip_all,$createdir_skip_all);
COPYNEXTID:for my $ID (@$IDs)
{ last if $cancel;
Gtk2->main_iteration while Gtk2->events_pending;
last if $cancel;
$abortmsg=undef if $done==@$IDs;
my $errormsg= $errormsg0;
$errormsg.= " ($done/".@$IDs.')' if @$IDs>1;
my ($olddir,$oldfile)= Songs::Get($ID, qw/path file/);
my $old=$olddir.SLASH.$oldfile;
my $newfile=$oldfile;
my $newdir= $olddir.SLASH;
$dirformat='' unless defined $dirformat;
if ($basedir || $dirformat ne '')
{ $newdir=pathfromformat($ID,$dirformat,$basedir);
my $res=CreateDir($newdir,$dialog, $abortmsg );
my $res= $createdir_skip_all;
$res ||= CreateDir($newdir, $dialog, $errormsg, $abortmsg,$done<@$IDs);
$createdir_skip_all=$res if $res eq 'skip_all';
last if $res eq 'abort';
next if $res eq 'no';
next unless $res eq 'ok';
if ($fnformat)
{ $newfile=filenamefromformat($ID,$fnformat,1);
@@ -4377,14 +4381,18 @@ sub CopyMoveFiles
#warn "from $old\n to $new\n";
if (-f $new) #if file already exists
{ my $ow=$owrite_all;
$owrite_all=$ow if $ow=~m/all$/;
next if $ow=~m/^no/;
until ($sub->($old,$new))
{ my $res=Retry_Dialog("$errormsg :\n'$old'\n -> '$new'\n$!",$dialog,$abortmsg);
{ my $res= $skip_all;
my $details= join "\n", __x(_"Source: {file}",file=> filename_to_utf8displayname($old)), __x(_"Destination: {file}",file=> filename_to_utf8displayname($new));
$res ||= Retry_Dialog($!,$errormsg, ID=>$ID, details=> $details, window=>$dialog, abortmsg=>$abortmsg, many=>$done<@$IDs);
if (-f $new && -f $old && ((-s $new) - (-s $old) <0)) { unlink $new } #delete partial copy
$skip_all=$res if $res eq 'skip_all';
last COPYNEXTID if $res eq 'abort';
next COPYNEXTID if $res ne 'yes';
next COPYNEXTID if $res ne 'retry';
unless ($copy)
{ $newdir=~s/$QSLASH+$//o;
@@ -4661,22 +4669,34 @@ sub OverwriteDialog
return $ret;
sub Retry_Dialog #returns 'yes' 'no' or 'abort'
{ my ($err,$window,$abortmsg)=@_;
my $dialog = Gtk2::MessageDialog->new
( $window,
[qw/modal destroy-with-parent/],
'error','cancel','%s', $err,
$dialog->add_button(_"_Retry", 2);
$dialog->add_button($abortmsg, 1) if $abortmsg;
my $LastErrorShowDetails;
sub Retry_Dialog #returns one of 'retry abort skip skip_all'
{ my ($syserr,$summary,%args)=@_; #$summary should say what action lead to this error ie: "Error while writing tag"
my ($details,$window,$abortmsg,$many,$ID)=@args{qw/details window abortmsg many ID/};
my $dialog = Gtk2::MessageDialog->new($window, [qw/modal destroy-with-parent/], 'error','none','%s', $summary);
$dialog->add_button_custom(_"_Retry", 1, icon=>'gtk-refresh');
$dialog->add_button_custom(_"_Cancel", 2, icon=>'gtk-cancel', tip=>$abortmsg);
$dialog->add_button_custom(_"_Skip", 3, icon=>'gtk-go-forward', tip=>_"Proceed to next item.") if $many;
$dialog->add_button_custom(_"Skip _All", 4, tip=>_"Skip this and any further errors.") if $many;
my $expander;
if ($details)
{ my $label= Gtk2::Label->new($details);
$label->set_line_wrap(1); #FIXME making the label resize with the dialog would be nice but complicated with gtk2
$expander=Gtk2::Expander->new(_"Show more error details");
$expander->set_expanded( time-($LastErrorShowDetails||0) <6 );#set expanded if recently showed a error dialog that was left expanded
my $ret=$dialog->run;
$LastErrorShowDetails= ($expander->get_expanded ? time : undef) if $expander;
$ret= ($ret eq '2') ? 'yes':
($ret eq 'cancel') ? 'no' :
return $ret;
$ret=0 if $ret!~m/^[1234]$/;
return (qw/abort retry abort skip skip_all/)[$ret];
sub ErrorMessage
@@ -4748,15 +4768,20 @@ sub DeleteFiles
$dialog->add_button("gtk-delete", 2);
if ('2' eq $dialog->run)
{ my $abortmsg;
$abortmsg=_"Abort all" if @$IDs>1;
{ my $skip_all;
my $done=0;
for my $ID (@$IDs)
{ my $f= Songs::GetFullFilename($ID);
unless (unlink $f)
{ my $res=::Retry_Dialog(__x(_("Failed to delete '{file}' :\n{error}"), file => $f, error => $!),undef,$abortmsg);
redo if $res eq 'yes';
{ my $res= $skip_all;
my $errormsg= _"Deletion failed";
$errormsg.= ' ('.($done+1).'/'.@$IDs.')' if @$IDs>1;
$res ||= ::Retry_Dialog($!,$errormsg, ID=>$ID, details=>__x(_("Failed to delete '{file}'"), file => filename_to_utf8displayname($f)), window=>$dialog, many=>(@$IDs-$done)>1);
$skip_all=$res if $res eq 'skip_all';
redo if $res eq 'retry';
last if $res eq 'abort';
@@ -4955,19 +4980,19 @@ sub DialogMassRename
sub RenameFile
{ my ($ID,$newutf8,$window,$abortmsg)=@_;
{ my ($ID,$newutf8,$window)=@_;
my $new= CleanupFileName(filename_from_unicode($newutf8));
my ($dir,$old)= Songs::Get($ID,qw/path file/);
{ last if $new eq '';
last if $old eq $new;
if (-f $dir.SLASH.$new)
{ my $res=OverwriteDialog($window,$new); #FIXME support yesall noall ? but not needed because RenameFile is now only used for single file renaming
{ my $res=OverwriteDialog($window,$new);
return $res unless $res eq 'yes';
elsif (!rename $dir.SLASH.$old, $dir.SLASH.$new)
{ my $res=Retry_Dialog( __x( _"Renaming {oldname}\nto {newname}\nfailed : {error}", oldname => Songs::Display($ID,'file'), newname => $newutf8, error => $!),$window,$abortmsg);
return $res unless $res eq 'yes';
{ my $res= Retry_Dialog($!,_"Renaming failed", ID=>$ID,details=> __x( _"From: {oldname}\nTo: {newname}", oldname => Songs::Display($ID,'file'), newname => $newutf8), window=>$window);
return $res unless $res eq 'retry';
@@ -702,7 +702,7 @@ sub WriteRGtags
my $modif=shift @towrite;
Songs::Set($ID, $modif,
abortmsg => _"Abort ReplayGain analysis",
error_prefix => _"Error writing replaygain tags :\n",
errormsg => _"Error while writing replaygain data",
abortcb => \&StopAnalysis,
callback_finish => \&WriteRGtags,
@@ -1916,14 +1916,17 @@ sub Write
my $i=0; my $abort;
my $i=0; my $abort; my $skip_all;
my $pid= ::Progress( undef, end=>scalar(@$IDs), abortcb=>sub {$abort=1}, widget =>$opt{progress}, title=>_"Writing tags");
my $errorsub=sub
{ my $err= shift;
$err= $opt{error_prefix}. $err if $opt{error_prefix};
{ my ($syserr,$details)= FileTag::Error_Message(@_);
my $abortmsg=$opt{abortmsg};
$abortmsg||=_"Abort mass-tagging" if (@$IDs-$i)>1;
my $res=::Retry_Dialog($err,$opt{window},$abortmsg);
$abortmsg||=_"Abort mass-tagging" if @$IDs>1;
my $errormsg= $opt{errormsg} || _"Error while writing tag";
$errormsg.= ' ('.($i+1).'/'.@$IDs.')' if @$IDs>1;
my $res= $skip_all;
$res ||= ::Retry_Dialog($syserr,$errormsg, ID=>$IDs->[$i], details=>$details, window=>$opt{window}, abortmsg=>$abortmsg, many=>(@$IDs-$i)>1);
$skip_all=$res if $res eq 'skip_all';
if ($res eq 'abort')
{ $opt{abortcb}() if $opt{abortcb};
@@ -2309,7 +2312,7 @@ sub ChooseIcon #FIXME add a way to create a colored square/circle/... icon
my $file=::ChoosePix($::CurrentDir.::SLASH, $string, undef,'LastFolder_Icon');
return unless defined $file;
my $dir=$::HomeDir.'icons';
return if ::CreateDir($dir) ne 'ok';
return if ::CreateDir($dir,undef,_"Error saving icon") ne 'ok';
my $destfile= $dir. ::SLASH. ::url_escape( Picture($gid,$field,'icon') );
unlink $destfile.'.svg',$destfile.'.png';
if ($file eq '0') {} #unset icon
@@ -284,7 +284,19 @@ sub GetLyrics
sub WriteLyrics
{ my ($ID,$lyrics)=@_;
Write($ID, [embedded_lyrics=>$lyrics], \&::Retry_Dialog);
Write($ID, [embedded_lyrics=>$lyrics], sub
{ my ($syserr,$details)= Error_Message(@_);
return ::Retry_Dialog($syserr, _"Error writing lyrics", details=>$details, ID=>$ID);
#convert error details from tag writing to translated string with utf8 filenames
sub Error_Message
{ my ($syserr,$type,$file)=@_;
my $details= $type eq 'openwrite' ?
::__x(_"Error opening '{file}' for writing.",file=>::filename_to_utf8displayname($file)) :
'Unknown error'; #currently $type is always "openwrite"
return $syserr,$details;
package MassTag;
@@ -1571,7 +1583,10 @@ sub save
for my $box (@{ $self->{boxes} })
{ $modified=1 if $box->save;
$self->{filetag}{errorsub}=sub {::Retry_Dialog($_[0],$self->{window});};
$self->{filetag}{errorsub}= sub
{ my ($syserr,$details)= FileTag::Error_Message(@_);
return ::Retry_Dialog($syserr,_"Error writing tag", details=>$details, window=>$self->{window});
$self->{filetag}->write_file if $modified && !$::CmdLine{ro} && !$::CmdLine{rotags};
@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ sub _openw
until (open $fh,$m,$file)
{ my $err="Error opening '$file' for writing :\n$!";
warn $err."\n";
return undef unless $self->{errorsub} && &{ $self->{errorsub} }($err) eq 'yes';
return undef unless $self->{errorsub} && $self->{errorsub}($!,'openwrite',$file) eq 'retry';
binmode $fh;
unless ($tmp)
@@ -341,7 +341,7 @@ sub _openw
until (open $fh,$m,$file)
{ my $err="Error opening '$file' for writing :\n$!";
warn $err."\n";
return undef unless $self->{errorsub} && $self->{errorsub}($err) eq 'yes';
return undef unless $self->{errorsub} && $self->{errorsub}($!,'openwrite',$file) eq 'retry';
binmode $fh;
$self->{fileHandle} = $fh unless $tmp;
@@ -171,7 +171,7 @@ sub _openw
until (open $fh,$m,$file)
{ my $err="Error opening '$file' for writing :\n$!";
warn $err."\n";
return undef unless $self->{errorsub} && $self->{errorsub}($err) eq 'yes';
return undef unless $self->{errorsub} && $self->{errorsub}($!,'openwrite',$file) eq 'retry';
binmode $fh;
unless ($tmp)
@@ -765,7 +765,7 @@ sub save_review {
my $format = $::Options{OPT.'PathFile'};
my ($path,$file) = ::pathfilefromformat( $ID, $format, undef, 1 );
unless ($path && $file) {::ErrorMessage(_("Error: invalid filename pattern")." : $format",$::MainWindow); return}
return unless ::CreateDir($path,$::MainWindow) eq 'ok';
return unless ::CreateDir($path,$::MainWindow,_"Error saving review") eq 'ok';
if ( open(my$fh, '>:utf8', $path.$file) ) {
print $fh $text;
close $fh;
@@ -661,7 +661,7 @@ sub Save_text
my $format=$::Options{OPT.'PathFile'};
my ($path,$file)=::pathfilefromformat( ::GetSelID($self), $format, undef,1 );
unless ($path && $file) {::ErrorMessage(_("Error: invalid filename pattern")." : $format",$win); return}
my $res=::CreateDir($path,$win);
my $res=::CreateDir($path,$win,_"Error saving artistbio");
return unless $res eq 'ok';
if (open my$fh,'>:utf8',$path.$file)
{ print $fh $text;
@@ -476,8 +476,8 @@ sub set_cover
unlink $file unless $ok;
unless ($ok)
{ my $retry=::Retry_Dialog( ::__x( _"Error writing '{file}'", file => ::filename_to_utf8displayname($file) )." :\n$!." ,$self);
redo if $retry eq 'yes';
{ my $retry=::Retry_Dialog($!,_"Error saving picture", details=>::__x( _"Error writing '{file}'", file => ::filename_to_utf8displayname($file) ), window=>$self);
redo if $retry eq 'retry';
close $fh;
@@ -754,7 +754,7 @@ sub Save_text
{ my $format=$::Options{OPT.'PathFile'};
my ($path,$file)=::pathfilefromformat( $self->{ID}, $format, undef,1 );
unless ($path && $file) {::ErrorMessage(_("Error: invalid filename pattern")." : $format",$win); return}
my $res=::CreateDir($path,$win);
my $res=::CreateDir($path,$win,_"Error saving lyrics");
return unless $res eq 'ok';
if (open my$fh,'>:utf8',$path.::SLASH.$file)
{ print $fh $text;

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