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fix : file size and modification time not updated

this also caused mp3 files without VBR header and which size has changed
since its addition to the library to always be "full-scanned"
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squentin committed Apr 11, 2010
1 parent d0bd6c4 commit 890a1982f39b5a1a45943a3a5e5060f7b28be2cd
Showing with 2 additions and 1 deletion.
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@@ -1140,9 +1140,10 @@ sub ReReadFile
my $checklength= ($size1!=$size2 || ($force && $force==2)) ? 2 : 0;
return 1 unless $checklength || $force || $modif1!=$modif2;
my ($values,$estimated)=FileTag::Read($file,$checklength);
my @changed=$DIFFsub->($ID,$values);
return unless @changed;warn "Changed fields : @changed";
############SetDB($ID,map( ($_,$values->{$_}), @changed)); DELME
my %changed; $changed{$_}=undef for @changed;

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