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fix traytip not correctly positioned
bug introduced in d9552dd
it also sometimes caused the picture in the traytip to have a much too small width
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squentin committed Nov 19, 2010
1 parent 55f38aa commit a24f4679c43b04d2104bb4b9c0a2bfb68e2e8ec1
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@@ -1620,9 +1620,9 @@ sub init
else { warn "no Cairo perl module => can't make the window transparent\n" }
$self->child->show_all; #needed to get the true size of the window
$self->Resize if $self->{size};
$self->child->show_all; #needed to get the true size of the window
{ my @hidden;
@hidden=keys %{ $self->{hidden} } if $self->{hidden};
my $widgets=$self->{widgets};

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