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another fix for errors when FilterPanes are updated before their filt…

…er initialization
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squentin committed Jan 19, 2011
1 parent 5eeeb00 commit e0c6187eb20e458751f99d028bca53ef54a20d2c
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@@ -1929,13 +1929,13 @@ sub SongsRemoved_cb

sub updatefilter
{ my ($self,undef,$nb)=@_;
delete $::ToDo{'9_FPfull'.$self};
my $force=delete $self->{needupdate};

my $group=$self->{group};
my $mynb=$self->{nb};
return if $nb && $nb> $mynb;

delete $::ToDo{'9_FPfull'.$self};
my $force=delete $self->{needupdate};
warn "Filtering list for FilterPane$mynb\n" if $::debug;
my $group=$self->{group};
my $currentf=$::Filters{$group}[$mynb+1];
$self->{resetbutton}->set_sensitive( !Filter::is_empty($currentf) );
my $filt=Filter->newadd(TRUE, map($::Filters{$group}[$_+1],0..($mynb-1)) );

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