Preserve orderBy and page on subqueries. #147

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justinp commented May 18, 2012


This is the followup to PR #146. I couldn't add more commits to that one because I used the SHA instead of a branch name.

I've added the unit tests you asked for.


Justin Patte... added some commits May 16, 2012

Can you please pull this?

Also broken is that the 'isForUpdate' field is not preserved on AbstractQuery.copy


davewhittaker commented Jan 7, 2013

@max-l @pbrant Any thoughts on this? It's got a test included, so if the rest of the suite passes it looks ok to me.


pbrant commented Jan 7, 2013

Works for me. IIRC (but only vaguely I'm afraid) there are situations where the PG grammar won't always let you provide a limit/offset without putting parens around the query, but if something like that does come up it can be fixed later.

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