A file uploader and thumbnailer component for CakePHP
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Attachment component for CakePHP handles file uploads to the file system. If
it’s an image file, it creates thumbnail copies in
/app/webroot/attachments/photos/{required_sizes} folder; while other files
are stored in /app/webroot/attachments/files.

I’ve started it from the public copy at
to have a standard way of uploading files to CakePHP projects.


  1. Copy attachment.php to /app/controllers/components/
  2. Add component to your controller: var $components = array('Attachment');
  3. In your upload form:
    1. echo $form->create('Model', array('type' => 'file'));
    2. echo $form->file('Attachment');

Filesystem storage (default)

  1. In your controller action (save file_path):
    $file_path = $this->Attachment->upload($this->data['Model']['Attachment']);
  2. In your view, if it’s an image:
    <?= $html->image('/attachments/$folderName/{size}/'.$data['Model']['file_path']); ?>

Database storage

  1. Change $config['database'] = true in attachment.php.
  2. In your controller action:
    $binary_data = $this->Attachment->upload($this->data['Model']['Attachment']);
  3. Save $binary_data to database binary column:
    $this->data['Model']['file_contents'] = $binary_data

(No image processing yet, to-do!)

Configuration options

  • photos_dir: The folder which will hold the files, inside /app/webroot/attachments/.
  • database: Whether to save the images in the database or the filesystem.
  • allow_non_image_files, self descriptive ;-) .
  • images_size: Array of different file sizes required by your app. Each
    element is itself an array, like:
    'folder_name' => array($width, $height, $do_crop).

You can override the default configuration passing an array of options while
including the component, like:
var $components = array('Attachment' => array('photos_dir' => 'pets'));

(Check the $config array defined at the first lines of the component to see
default values and the syntax.)



  • data: file data array from the form. If it’s an image, it calls:

thumbnail($data, $upload_dir, $maxw, $maxh, $crop = false)

  • data: the image data array from the form
  • upload_dir: the name of the parent folder of the images
  • maxw/maxh: maximum width/height for resizing images
  • crop: indicates if image must be cropped or not (defaults to false)


  • filename: file-to-delete name


  • PHP GD library installed and enabled
  • /app/webroot/ must be writable by the web server (or you can create
    /app/webroot/attachments/ and make writable that folder).
  • You must store in database $file_path returned by
    $this->Attachment->upload in order to reference the file.

To do list

  • Image resize in upload_DB.