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Reverse-engineered Minecraft stuff
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Bravo is a elegant, speedy, and extensible implementation of the Minecraft Alpha/Beta protocol. Only the server side is implemented. Bravo also has a few tools useful for examining the wire protocols and disk formats in Minecraft.


Standard Features

  • Console
  • Login and handshake
  • Geometry ("chunk") transfer
  • Location updates
  • Passage of time (day/night)
  • Block construction and deconstruction
  • Entities
    • Players
    • Pickups
    • Tiles
      • Chests
      • Furnaces
      • Signs
  • Lighting
  • Save controls
  • Server-side inventories

Extended Features

  • Pluggable architecture
    • Authentication
      • Offline
      • Online
    • Commands
      • Inventory control
      • Teleports
      • Time of day
    • Geometry generation
      • Erosion
      • Simplex noise, 2D and 3D
      • Water table
    • Seasons
      • Spring
      • Winter
    • Physics
      • Sand, gravel
      • Water, lava
      • Redstone
  • Chat commands
  • IP ban list


Bravo currently requires Python 2.6 or any newer Python 2.x. It is known to work on CPython and PyPy. (PyPy support is currently on hiatus and will return when numpy support returns to PyPy.)

Bravo ships with a standard You will need setuptools/distribute, but most distributions already provide it for you. Bravo depends on the following external libraries from PyPI:

  • construct, version 2.03 or later
  • numpy
  • Twisted, version 11.0 or later

If installing modular Twisted, Twisted Conch is required.

For IRC support, Twisted Words is required; it is usually called python-twisted-words or twisted-words in package managers.

For web service support, Twisted Web must be installed; it is generally called python-twisted-web or twisted-web.

Debian & Ubuntu

Debian and its derivatives, like Ubuntu, have Numpy and Twisted in their package managers.

$ sudo aptitude install python-numpy python-twisted

If you are tight on space, you can install only part of Twisted.

$ sudo aptitude install python-numpy python-twisted-core python-twisted-bin python-twisted-conch

A Note about Ubuntu

If you are using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, you will need a more recent Twisted than Ubuntu provides. There is a PPA at which provides recent versions of all Twisted packages.


Numpy and Twisted can be installed from the standard Fedora repository.

$ sudo yum install numpy python-twisted python-twisted-conch


Gentoo doesn't (yet) carry a Construct new enough for Bravo, but it does have Numpy and Twisted.

# emerge numpy twisted twisted-conch


If, for some reason, you are installing to a very raw or unmanaged place, and you want to ensure that everything is built from the latest source available on PyPI, we highly recommend pip for installing Bravo, since it handles all dependencies for you.

$ pip install Bravo

Bravo can also optionally use Ampoule to offload some of its inner calculations to a separate process, improving server response times. Ampoule will be automatically detected and is completely optional.

$ pip install ampoule


Bravo includes a twistd plugin, so it's quite easy to run. Just copy bravo.ini.example to bravo.ini, and put it in one of these locations:

  • /etc/bravo/
  • ~/.bravo/
  • Your working directory

And then run the TAC to start Bravo!

$ twistd -ny bravo.tac

Alternatively, a Twisted plugin is provided as well:

$ twistd -n bravo


Contributing is easy! Just send me your code. Diffs are appreciated, in git format; Github pull requests are excellent.

Things to consider:

  • I will be rather merciless about your code during review, especially if it adds lots of new features.
  • Some things are better off outside of the main tree, especially if they are moving very fast compared to Bravo itself.
  • Unit tests are necessary for new code, especially feature-laden code. If your code is absolutely not testable, it's not really going to be very fun to maintain. See the above point.
  • Bravo is MIT/X11. Your contributions will be under that same license. If this isn't acceptable, then your code cannot be merged. This is really the only hard condition.


The FAQ moved to the docs; see docs/faq.rst, or more usefully, or for processed copies.


Bravo is MIT/X11-licensed. See the LICENSE file for the actual text of the license.

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