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"marion" is a webapp to organize and tag images. It heavily uses JavaScript in the frontend and relies on a simple RESTful API based on Python Flask in the backend.

It is currently in development and should not be used in production, because not all base features are implemented, yet.

Base Features (MVP)

  • Upload images (and images only)
  • Generate thumbnails
  • Give names to images
  • Tag images
  • Add comments to images
  • Search
    • by name
    • by tags
    • fulltext in comments
  • Check for duplicate uploads by saving a hash

Features to be implemented later

  • Queue for uploading multiple images
  • Suggestions for tags by finding similar images (via name/already added tags)
  • Show thumbnails of similar images (either for taking over the tags or just for exploring)
  • Show file detail view next to search results (easier navigation)
  • Collections of images (for sharing very different images with someone)
  • Different and multiple storage backends
  • Support for addons (like file size optimization)
  • Creation of database of links to tutorials for image manipulation
  • PSD files downloadable as full size PNG
  • Licenses can be managed (full text uploaded, some attributes shown in color next to the image, e.g. "usable for web", "usable for print", "partly usable for web" or "not usable for web")


Check out the code then run:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ invoke setup


Run the tests with python -m unittest discover or use a shortcut:

$ invoke test