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Vertical Scroll on some mathjax formulas #484

AndreWin opened this issue Oct 11, 2017 · 8 comments

Vertical Scroll on some mathjax formulas #484

AndreWin opened this issue Oct 11, 2017 · 8 comments
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I use Mathjax from here.

On following formulae I get vertical scrollbar on the right hand:

s_{na1} = d_{a1} \left ( \dfrac{\dfrac{\pi}{2} + 2x_1\tg{\alpha}}{z_1} + \inv{\alpha_t} - \inv{\alpha_{a1}} \right )\cos{\beta_{a1}}


My mathjax config:

    tex2jax: {
        inlineMath: [ ["$","$"], ["\\(","\\)"] ],
        displayMath: [ ["$$","$$"], ["\\[","\\]"] ],
        processEscapes: true,
    TeX: {
        Macros: {
            Alpha: "\\mbox{A}",
            Beta: "\\mbox{B}",
            Epsilon: "\\mbox{E}",
            Zeta: "\\mbox{Z}",
            Eta: "\\mbox{H}",
            Iota: "\\mbox{I}",
            Kappa: "\\mbox{K}",
            Mu: "\\mbox{M}",
            Nu: "\\mbox{N}",
            Omicron: "\\mbox{O}",
            Rho: "\\mbox{P}",
            Tau: "\\mbox{T}",
            Chi: "\\mbox{X}",
            and: "\\mbox{&}",
            or: "\\lor",
            exist: "\\exists",
            empty: "\\emptyset",
            P: "\\mbox{P}",
            tan: "\\operatorname{tg}",   // tangent
            tg: "\\operatorname{tg}",    // tangent
            cot: "\\operatorname{ctg}",  // cotangent
            ctg: "\\operatorname{ctg}",  // cotangent
            csc: "\\operatorname{cosec}",     // cosecant
            cosec: "\\operatorname{cosec}",   // cosecant
            arctan: "\\operatorname{arctg}",  // arctangent
            arctg: "\\operatorname{arctg}",   // arctangent
            arccot: "\\operatorname{arcctg}",      // arc cotangent
            arcctg: "\\operatorname{arcctg}",      // arc cotangent
            arcsec: "\\operatorname{arcsec}",      // arc secant
            arccsc: "\\operatorname{arccosec}",    // arc cosecant
            arccosec: "\\operatorname{arccosec}",  // arc cosecant
            sh: "\\operatorname{sh}",     // hyperbolic sine
            ch: "\\operatorname{ch}",     // hyperbolic cosine
            th: "\\operatorname{th}",     // hyperbolic tangent
            cth: "\\operatorname{cth}",   // hyperbolic cotangent
            sinh: "\\operatorname{sh}",   // hyperbolic синус
            cosh: "\\operatorname{ch}",   // hyperbolic cosine
            tanh: "\\operatorname{th}",   // hyperbolic tangent
            coth: "\\operatorname{cth}",  // hyperbolic cotangent
            sgn: "\\operatorname{sgn}",
            mod: "\\operatorname{mod}",
            inv: "\\operatorname{inv}",
            ge: "\\geqslant",
            le: "\\leqslant",
            geq: "\\geqslant",
            leq: "\\leqslant",
            N: "\\mathbb{N}",
            R: "\\mathbb{R}",
            Q: "\\mathbb{Q}",
            Z: "\\mathbb{Z}",
            C: "\\mathbb{C}",
            H: "\\mathbb{H}",
            P: "\\mathbb{P}",
            dmtr: "\\unicode{x2300}", // diameter sign
            deg: "\\unicode{xb0}",    // degree sign
            celdeg: "\\unicode{x2103}"   // degree Celsius sign
        // AutoNumbering of displayed formulas
        equationNumbers: { autoNumber: "AMS" },
        // All mathjax extensions:
        // Source code for all extensions:
        extensions: [
        "color.js", // Color support in LaTeX
        "autobold.js", // support for \boldsymbol{...}
        "AMScd.js", //
        "bbox.js", // support for \bbox[options]{math}
        // "begingroup.js", // mainly for formulas localization
        "cancel.js" // support for strikethrough formulas
        // "HTML.js" // works by default
        // "mhchem.js" // chemical formulas
        // "uniconde.js" // works by default

I asked my question on mathjax repo: mathjax/MathJax#1853 (comment)
Then I tested it on default mkdocs theme and I found that this bug is only when I use mkdocs material theme.

Please help me to fix it.

Best regards,

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Can you please provide a link to the docs that you host? It's easier to fix then.

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Yes, this bug is on
Problem formulas are two last numbered ones on this page. They are at the end of this page.

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Fixed in #486, release will follow shortly.

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Thank you very much!
Will this update avaliable via pip?

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Yes, 1.10.3 is just being released, give it a few minutes.

@squidfunk squidfunk added bug Issue reports a bug resolved Issue is resolved, yet unreleased if open labels Oct 11, 2017
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Thanks you very much! ^_^

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1.10.3 was released. I increased the padding, that solves it for this formula. I hope that it was some margin/padding issue. If you encounter the error again with another formula, please open a new issue.

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@squidfunk, OK

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