A tutorial map for Minecraft/Computercraft, intended for educators teaching children basic programming concepts
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ComputerCraft Institute

The ComputerCraft Institute is a map for Minecraft intended for use by educators to teach children basic programming concepts. Included are several simple exercises that should familiarise kids with the ComputerCraft command line environment, and teach some basic proceedural programming with turtles.

ComputerCraft Institute

Youtube Walkthrough


Minecraft 1.4.7+ ComputerCraft 1.5.0+


From the Feed the Beast website:

  1. Install the FTB client
  2. Download the FTB Lite server
  3. Extract the server files to a directory
  4. Run either ServerStart.sh (OSX/Linux) or ServerStart.bat (Windows)
  5. Once the server has initialised and you see [INFO] [Minecraft] Done, type stop
  6. Replace the world directory with the world from this repository
  7. Rerun the server, and connect to your server via FTB (select the Lite Pack)