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Tinkering with Jinja to create valid mobileconfig files
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Fuze Rooms - Sheet1.csv

Learning about Jinja

Apple configuration profiles and Munki manifests are structured XML.

Jinja is a Python templating engine. You provide a template, and in my basic example I'm marking the tags I want to change

{{ Like_This }}

And letting the python csv libraries and a handy for loop do the rest...

You'll need to install the Jinja libraries to use this code. This can be done using python easy_install...

sudo easy_install jinja2

To use, run python list_of_computers.csv

There's no proper error handling I'm afraid, it was just designed to be a quick and dirty fix for a problem I needed to solve!

This code is for the creation of mobileconfig files to configure Fuze for Rooms on Mac clients at ThoughtWorks.

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