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This repository contains a Python program that downloads the Archdruid Report blog, currently hosted at, and generates a read-only static version of the site.


The archiver currently produces a directory, thearchdruidreport-archive, containing:

  • One HTML page for each post containing all comments consolidated on one page. (HTML anchors include #comments and, for each comment, a #c<commentID> anchor.)

  • One HTML page for each month containing all the posts in that month but no comments.

  • One HTML page for each year (20nn/index.html) redirecting to the last month of the year having a post.

  • A top-level page (index.html) redirecting to the last month with a post (i.e. May 2017).

The resulting site archive can be viewed on a browser or hosted on a server somewhere. Most links that were valid (e.g. posts and comments) for should remain valid for the static archive, once the domain change is accounted for.

Technical Details

The program uses the BeautifulSoup4 library to parse and edit HTML documents. It removes Blogger admin controls, social media sharing buttons, comment posting controls, etc. It (should) remove all of the original JavaScript, substituting just enough ad hoc JavaScript to operate the blog archive tree widget. (Rather than use AJAX calls for the widget, though, the static site uses a resources/posts.js file listing every post.)

The program keeps a separate "web_cache" directory recording each HTTP request used during the archival process, which allows the program to be rerun without hammering Blogger's servers and allows it to be rerun when the site goes down.

This program currently archives only the desktop version of the site, and only the "Blogger Rounders 4"-themed pages (i.e. the pages with the light green background). It doesn't archive the mobile pages or the white-backgrounded comments pages (e.g. I might try to add some of these pages to "web_cache" before the site goes away.


This program uses Python 3 and a number of Python 3 packages. On Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install python3-bs4 python3-lxml python3-requests python3-pil

Alternatively, use pip3 to install the packages:

pip3 install beautifulsoup4
pip3 install lxml
pip3 install requests
pip3 install pillow

The program also uses node.js to minify a script. I tested with node.js v6.11.0, the LTS release as of this writing. Ensure that node and npm are in your PATH, then run:

cd thearchdruidreport-archive
npm install

The archiver uses guetzli to compress images. Initially, it used version f3e83a7058 of (about 3 months newer than 1.0.1, which is the latest release as of this writing, 2017-06-11). Make sure guetzli is in your PATH.

I usually run the program on Linux, but I briefly tested it on Windows, too, using a native/non-Cygwin Python 3. The archiver is careful to use only portable filenames (e.g. short, lowercase, a limited subset of ASCII characters, no trailing/following periods).

Running the script

Unix (Linux, macOS, BashOnWindows, or Cygwin):

  • Satisfy dependencies above. (Make sure python3, node, npm, and guetzli are in your PATH. Install the PIP packages and NPM packages.)

  • Run ./ to generate just the ordinary site.

    cd thearchdruidreport-archive
  • Run to generate the ordinary site and also download a copy of any HTTP resource that might be useful later.

    cd thearchdruidreport-archive


  • Install Python 3, node.js, guetzli, and the PIP/NPM packages above, then imitate Something like this ought to work:

    cd thearchdruidreport-archive


An archive of "The Archdruid Report" blog by John Michael Greer







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