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- rake -T - show commands
- edit version in lib/dnstraverse/version.rb
- rake gemcutter:release - release to
sudoers setup
- To allow 'sudo rake install'
- Defaults:james !secure_path,!env_reset
git setup
- useful for Jeweler
- git config --global
- git config --global 'James Ponder'
- git config github.user squish
- git config github.token xxx
- git status
- git diff
- git commit -a -m 'xxxx'
- git push
- manages dependencies placed in Gemfile
- bundle install
- adds lots of nice Rake tasks like install via the Rakefile
- manages version number
enterprise ruby
- download source tgz version to /usr/local/src/dist, untgz to /usr/local/src
- install anything installer indicates, e.g. buiild-essential, zlib1g-dev,
libssl-dev, libreadline5-dev
- apt-get install mysql-server mysql-clientlibmysqlclient-dev - first
- install to /usr/local/ruby-enterprise-1.8.7-2011.03
- install apache as directed
- set DocumentRoot to public dir to make rails app live
interesting domains
- IPv6 glue: