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2010-05-30 David Mohr <>
* wscript:
Implement our own package command. Only the files I want are included, and the tar extracts into the appropriate subdirectory.
2010-05-26 David Mohr <>
* src/gchd-direct.c, src/gchd-test.c:
Fixing warnings
* src/grub-choose-default-window.c:
Use the icon for the window as well
* src/gchd-direct.c, src/gchd-internal.h, src/gchd-test.c, src/gchd-unix.c,
src/gchd.c, src/gchd.h, src/grub-choose-default-button-box.c,
src/grub-choose-default-util.c, src/grub-choose-default-util.h,
Asynchronous setting of the default entry so that we can use a timeout.
2010-05-17 David Mohr <>
* src/gchd-direct.c, src/gchd.c:
Don't overwrite error when grub.cfg is not found
* wscript:
Post release bump
* NEWS, README, wscript:
Preparing for release
* src/gchd-direct.c:
Gracefully handle setting the default entry with the direct method when no grubenv was found
* src/gchd-unix.c, src/gchd.c, src/grub-choose-default-util.c:
Improve docs, fix memory leak, don't segfault on Linux when grubenv is missing
2010-05-11 David Mohr <>
* AUTHORS, icons/wscript_build, wscript:
Use gnu dirs, install the docs
* icons/wscript_build, wscript:
Correctly take $PREFIX into account
* ChangeLog, NEWS, README, wscript:
Prepare for release
* .gitignore, src/gchd-error.h, src/gchd-internal.h, src/gchd-menu.c,
src/gchd-messages.h, src/gchd.c, src/gchd.h,
src/grub-choose-default-button-box.c, wscript:
Check grub.cfg for correct configuration, and display distribution specific error messages
2010-05-10 David Mohr <>
* src/gchd.c, src/grub-choose-default-main.c, wscript:
Enable console output in win32 when debug is set
* win32/win32-installer.nsi:
Adding desktop link to installer
* wscript:
Post release update
2010-05-04 David Mohr <>
* .gitignore, src/gchd-direct.c, src/gchd-menu.c, src/gchd-unix.c,
Accept both single and double quotes for boot entries, return "" for
no default entry to differentiate it from errors, add some documentation.
2010-04-19 David Mohr <>
* ChangeLog, README, icons/wscript_build, src/gchd-menu.c,, win32/win32-installer.nsi, wscript:
Preparing for release, last minute fixes
2010-04-18 David Mohr <>
* src/grub-choose-default-main.c, wscript:
Remove terminal window for windows
* README, reboot/gnome, reboot/xfce4:
Update the logout scripts
* grub-choose-default.desktop, wscript:
Adding a .desktop entry
* EXPAT, grub-choose-default.sgml, icons/wscript_build,
src/grub-choose-default-window.c, wscript:
Improve the build system
* README, README.win32, icons/16x16/grub-choose-default.png,
icons/22x22/grub-choose-default.png, icons/24x24/grub-choose-default.png,
icons/32x32/grub-choose-default.png, icons/48x48/grub-choose-default.png,
icons/, icons/scalable/grub-choose-default.svg,
win32/MUI_EXTRAPAGES.nsh, win32/grub-choose-default-logo.bmp,
win32/grub-choose-default-logo.xcf, win32/grub-choose-default.ico,
Update README, fix up the installer, updated icon and installer logo
* src/gchd-direct.c, src/gchd.c, src/gchd.h,
src/grub-choose-default-button-box.h, src/grub-choose-default-window.c:
Allow passing the grub_dir to the button_box
* .gitignore, icons/, icons/grub-choose-default.ico,
utils/win32-installer.nsi, utils/windows.bat,
win32/grub-choose-default-logo.bmp, win32/grub-choose-default.ico,
win32/win32-installer.nsi, win32/windows.bat, wscript:
Allow compiling windows in the same space as Linux
* icons/16x16/grub-choose-default.png, icons/22x22/grub-choose-default.png,
icons/24x24/grub-choose-default.png, icons/32x32/grub-choose-default.png,
icons/48x48/grub-choose-default.png, icons/,
icons/grub-choose-default.ico, icons/scalable/grub-choose-default.svg:
Adding icons
2010-04-17 David Mohr <>
* src/gchd.c, src/gchd.h, src/grub-choose-default-button-box.c,
src/grub-choose-default-window.c, utils/win32-installer.nsi, wscript:
Change version to 0.6, load and save settings, installer fixes
2010-04-16 David Mohr <>
* COPYING, GPL-2, GPL-3, src/gchd-util.c, src/grub-choose-default-main.c,
Some windows fixes and an installer
* reboot/windows.vbs, utils/windows.bat:
Adding windows stuff
* src/grub-choose-default-window.c:
Take file extensions into account for windows reboot script, correctly run vbs
* src/gchd-direct.c, src/gchd-internal.h, src/gchd-util.c, src/gchd.c:
Use the gchd_get_grub_file everywhere, correctly save grub_dir
* src/gchd-direct.c, src/gchd-error.h, src/gchd-unix.c, src/gchd.c,
src/grub-choose-default-button-box.c, src/grub-choose-default-window.c,
Improve debug/regular output, check mounts under windows for the grub configuration
2010-04-15 David Mohr <>
* src/gchd-error.h, src/gchd-internal.h, src/gchd-menu.c, src/gchd-menu.h,
src/gchd-unix.c, src/gchd-util.c, src/gchd-util.h, src/gchd.c,
src/grub-envblk.c, src/wscript_build, wscript:
Introduce real debug printing, better cflags, better config.h handling, refactor function to find grub files
2010-04-13 David Mohr <>
* src/gchd-direct.c, src/grub-choose-default-button-box.c,
src/grub-choose-default-main.c, src/grub-choose-default-util.c:
Better handling of errors
2010-04-12 David Mohr <>
* src/gchd-direct.c:
Use g_build_filename
* src/gchd-direct.c, src/gchd-error.h:
Better error reporting
* src/wscript_build:
Don't link to gchd-unix.o when not needed
* src/gchd.c:
Only include unix when direct is not set
* src/gchd-direct.c, src/gchd-direct.h, src/gchd-error.h,
src/gchd-internal.h, src/gchd-unix.c, src/gchd-unix.h, src/gchd.c,
src/grub-envblk.c, src/grub-envblk.h, src/grub.c, src/grub.h,
Add grub's envblk.c
2010-04-11 David Mohr <>
* src/gchd-direct.c, src/gchd-direct.h, src/gchd-test.c, src/gchd-unix.c,
src/gchd-windows.c, src/gchd-windows.h, src/gchd.c, src/wscript_build,
Renaming windows to direct support
* wscript:
Only build man page on unix
* src/gchd-windows.c, src/gchd-windows.h, src/wscript_build:
Adding some win32 support
* .gitignore:
Adding more ignores for waf
2010-04-10 David Mohr <>
* .gitignore, Makefile, src/Makefile, src/wscript_build, waf, wscript:
Converting to waf
2010-04-06 David Mohr <>
* src/gchd-error.h, src/grub-choose-default-window.c:
Report an error when reboot was selected but no scripts found
* src/gchd-unix.c:
Use sudo directly to set default entry
* src/grub-choose-default-button-box.c:
Don't try to report an error when there was none
2010-04-05 David Mohr <>
* src/grub-choose-default-widget.c, src/grub-choose-default-window.c:
Adding reboot functionality
* src/grub-choose-default-button-box.c, src/grub-choose-default-util.c,
Show all errors
* src/grub-choose-default-button-box.c:
Enable the highlighting again
2010-04-04 David Mohr <>
* src/Makefile, src/grub-choose-default-button-box.c,
src/grub-choose-default-util.c, src/grub-choose-default-util.h:
Display errors
* src/grub-choose-default-button-box.c,
src/grub-choose-default-button-box.h, src/grub-choose-default-widget.c,
Get rid of the bold default label, move the signal into the interface
* src/Makefile, src/grub-choose-default-button-box.c,
src/grub-choose-default-widget.c, src/grub-choose-default-widget.h:
Adding interface, having the button-box implement it
* src/grub-choose-default-button-box.c:
Highlight default entry
* src/grub-choose-default-button-box.c,
src/grub-choose-default-button-box.h, src/grub-choose-default-window.c:
Adding signal
* src/.gitignore, src/Makefile, src/gchd-internal.h, src/gchd-menu-main.c,
src/gchd-test.c, src/gchd-unix.c, src/gchd.c, src/gchd.h:
Implementing setting through grub-set-default
*, src/gchd-unix.c,
Delete old script version
2010-04-03 David Mohr <>
* src/Makefile, src/grub-choose-default-button-box.c:
Getting the gui to work again
* src/.gitignore, src/Makefile, src/gcd-error.c, src/gcd-error.h,
src/gchd-error.c, src/gchd-error.h, src/gchd-internal.h,
src/gchd-menu-main.c, src/gchd-menu.c, src/gchd-menu.h, src/gchd-unix.c,
src/gchd-unix.h, src/gchd.c, src/gchd.h, src/grub-menu-main.c,
src/grub-menu.c, src/grub-menu.h:
Getting the menu test to work again
* src/gchd-internal.h, src/gchd.c, src/gchd.h,
src/grub-choose-default-button-box.c, src/grub-choose-default-window.c,
Improving public interface
2010-03-31 David Mohr <>
* src/.gitignore, src/Makefile, src/gcd-error.c, src/gcd-error.h,
src/grub-choose-default-button-box.h, src/grub-choose-default-main.c,
src/grub-choose-default-window.c, src/grub-choose-default-window.h,
src/grub-menu-main.c, src/grub-menu.c, src/grub-menu.h:
Initial import of base layout
2010-03-30 David Mohr <>
* src/.gitignore:
Adding gitignore
Updating README
2010-03-11 David Mohr <>
* src/grub-menu.c, src/grub-menu.h:
Adding void
* src/Makefile, src/grub-menu-main.c, src/grub-menu.c, src/grub-menu.h:
Putting the main / test function into its own file
* src/grub-menu.c:
Fix small memory leak
* src/grub-menu.c:
Adding cleanup function
* src/Makefile, src/grub-menu.c:
Adding a simple test Makefile, first version of grub-menu
2010-03-09 David Mohr <>
* .gitignore, ChangeLog, Makefile, README,,
grub-choose-default.sgml, reboot/xfce4:
Importing 0.3
* COPYING, README,, reboot/gnome, reboot/xfce4:
Importing 0.2
Importing 0.1
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