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v1.2 2014-05-10
* Improved build scripts
v1.1 2014-04-22
* Improved parsing of grub.cfg
* Sub-menus
v1.0 2010-08-14
* Correctly save settings after cancelling.
* New "once" option - only sets new default for one reboot and not
* New "mount" script: Executed at program start. This allows mounting
of Linux volumes under Windows 7 with ext2ifs.
v0.9 2010-05-30
* Use the icon for the window as well
* Report an error when running grub-set-default failed
* Update the Windows README
v0.8 2010-05-17
* Don't crash when there is no grubenv file yet
* Use gnu data dirs for installation, and put files in the right places
* Install the supplied reboot scripts into the doc directory
v0.7 2010-05-11
* Don't crash if there is no default saved yet
* Parse the single quotes in grub.cfg that Ubuntu uses
* Check grub.cfg for the saved_default setting and
display a message if it is missing