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package com.imranrashid.oleander.macros
import org.scalatest.{Matchers, FunSuite}
class BasicReflectionTest extends FunSuite with Matchers {
/* for some reason I don't understand, if I try to get the type of the trait through an implicit
TypeTag *and* my reflection util class takes the universe as a parameter, then I get strange runtime errors, like
[info] - zeroArgMethods *** FAILED ***
[info] scala.reflect.internal.MissingRequirementError: class com.imranrashid.oleander.macros.BasicTrait in JavaMirror with of type class with classpath [...] not found.
[info] at scala.reflect.internal.MissingRequirementError$.signal(MissingRequirementError.scala:16)
[info] at scala.reflect.internal.MissingRequirementError$.notFound(MissingRequirementError.scala:17)
[info] at scala.reflect.internal.Mirrors$RootsBase.getModuleOrClass(Mirrors.scala:48)
[info] at scala.reflect.internal.Mirrors$RootsBase.getModuleOrClass(Mirrors.scala:61)
[info] at scala.reflect.internal.Mirrors$RootsBase.staticModuleOrClass(Mirrors.scala:72)
[info] at scala.reflect.internal.Mirrors$RootsBase.staticClass(Mirrors.scala:119)
[info] at scala.reflect.internal.Mirrors$RootsBase.staticClass(Mirrors.scala:21)
[info] at com.imranrashid.oleander.macros.BasicReflectionTest$$anonfun$1$$typecreator1$1.apply(BasicReflectionTest.scala:9)
[info] at scala.reflect.api.TypeTags$WeakTypeTagImpl.tpe$lzycompute(TypeTags.scala:231)
[info] at scala.reflect.api.TypeTags$WeakTypeTagImpl.tpe(TypeTags.scala:231)
[info] ...
but it works if I remove the implicit from the equation, by getting the type, and using asInstanceOf
to get around the path-dependent type
val traitType = scala.reflect.runtime.universe.typeOf[BasicTrait].asInstanceOf[RuntimeReflection.u.Type]
test("zeroArgMethods") {
val methodNames = RuntimeReflection.zeroArgMethods(traitType).map{}.toSet
methodNames should be (Set("x","y","z", "asInstanceOf", "isInstanceOf", "q", "m"))
test("zeroArg undefined methods") {
val methodNames = RuntimeReflection.undefinedZeroArgMethods(traitType).map{}.toSet
methodNames should be (Set("x","z","q", "m"))
test("zeroArg undefined Int & Float methods") {
val methodNames = RuntimeReflection.targetMethods(traitType).map{}.toSet
methodNames should be (Set("x", "q", "m"))
trait BasicTrait {
def x: Int
def y: Float = 7.0f
def z: String
def blah(anArg:Int): Int
def q: Float
def m: Int