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package com.imranrashid.oleander.macros
import org.scalatest.{Matchers, FunSuite}
class SimpleTraitFillInTest extends FunSuite with Matchers{
test("fill in trait defs") {
//the trait is already declared, but the macro actually supplies the defs
@FillTraitDefs class Foo extends SimpleTrait {}
val y = new Foo()
y.x should be (5)
y.y should be (7.0f)
test("add trait as super"){
//we need to both add in the trait as a super, and also fill in the defs
@AddTraitAsSuper class Blah {}
val x = new Blah()
x.isInstanceOf[SimpleTrait] should be (true)
x.x should be (5)
x.y should be (7.0f)
test("add trait with quasiquotes"){
@QuasiQuoteAddTrait class Ooga {}
val z = new Ooga()
z.isInstanceOf[SimpleTrait] should be (true)
z.x should be (5)
z.y should be (7.0f)
//make sure we keep original defs also
@QuasiQuoteAddTrait class Wakka {
def q = "hi there"
val w = new Wakka()
w.x should be (5)
w.y should be (7.0f)
w.q should be ("hi there")
//and make sure we keep any other traits we define
@QuasiQuoteAddTrait class Blargh extends SomeTrait {
def b = "ooga"
val aBlargh = new Blargh()
aBlargh.isInstanceOf[SomeTrait] should be (true)
aBlargh.isInstanceOf[SimpleTrait] should be (true)
aBlargh.a should be (8)
aBlargh.b should be ("ooga")
aBlargh.x should be (5)
aBlargh.y should be (7.0f)
trait SomeTrait {
def a = 8