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Made it clear that output will change slightly now that empty file ta…

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gsherwood committed Jan 25, 2012
1 parent c0db31f commit a227646d7b110a919bbe1a8f04a2b98bf2899768
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@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@">
- The maxPercentage setting in the Squiz CommentedOutCodeSniff can now be overriden in a rulset.xml file
-- Thanks to Volker Dusch for the patch
- The Checkstyle and XML reports now use XMLWriter
-- Output should not be affected
-- Only change in output is that empty file tags are no longer produced for files with no violations
-- Thanks to Sebastian Bergmann for the patch
- Fixed bug #19114 : CodeSniffer checks extension even for single file
- Fixed bug #19171 : Show sniff codes option is ignored by some report types

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