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STATUS (STatistical Analysis Tool for Utxo Set) is an open source tool that provides an easy way to access, decode and analyze data from the Bitcoin's utxo set. The accompanying working paper further explains its design, application, and presents results of a recently performed analysis:

STATUS is coded in Python 2 and works for both the existing versions of Bitcoin Core's utxo set, that is, the first defined format (versions 0.8 - 0.14) and the recently defined one (version 0.15).

STATUS works, from now on, with 0.15 format. For 0.8-0.14 version refer to ldb_0.14 branch.

STATUS reads from a LevelDB folder (usually located under .bitcoin/chainstate) and parses all the utxo entries into a json file. From the parsed file, STATUS allows you to perform two type of analysis, a utxo based one, and a transaction based one, by decoding all the parsed information from the chainstate.

UTXO based analysis

Directly decoded data

This analysis provides, for every parsed utxo, the decoding of the stored data, that is: transaction id and index that uniquely identifies the utxo, the value of the output in Satoshi, the block height in which the transaction was included, whether the output is coinbase or not, the scriptPubKey that locks the output, the script type, and depending on the database version, the transaction version.

Additional metadata

In addition, this analysis also provides, for every single entry, the script length, the fee rate at which the utxo becomes dust, and the fee rate at which the utxo becomes non-profitable.

Non-standard UTXOs

STATUS allows you to run analysis against non-standard utxos only by running the analysis with non_std_only flag set.

Transaction based analysis

Transaction based analysis aggregates data from different utxo that were created by the same transaction, providing the following information about it:

The number of unspent outputs, the total value and the total length of those outputs as represented in the utxo set, the block height in which the transaction was created, whether the transaction is coinbase or not and again, the transaction version (depending on the database version).

Statistical analysis

With th generated raw data, and using numpy and matplotlib Python's libraries, STATUS allows you to run several statistical analyses, such as general data overview (containing the total number of transactions and utxos, and the average, median, and standard deviation of utxo per transaction, size per transactions, and size per utxos), and different plots for all the parsed data, including the dust and non-profitable utxos.

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