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Jun 07, 2010

  1. Simon Rozet

    move rubies list to attribute

    authored June 07, 2010
  2. Simon Rozet

    make rvm a simple command

    authored June 07, 2010
  3. Simon Rozet

    split rubies installation

    authored June 07, 2010
  4. Simon Rozet

    do not build rvm

    authored June 07, 2010

Jun 01, 2010

  1. Simon Rozet

    bundle pack

    authored June 01, 2010
  2. Simon Rozet

    update Gemfile

    authored June 01, 2010
  3. Simon Rozet

    Merge commit 'f4fd07ec706a78d26b9ec4df74c6f924e159ee2f'

    authored June 01, 2010
  4. Simon Rozet

    Squashed 'integrity/' changes from 47c30d9..23eaa63

    23eaa63 v21 release krakow edition
    3729068 use the short sha1 on build page as well
    86c2eb3 link to github project as well
    fb64c4e github_project_url includes branch if non-master
    cc147d7 tweak github link
    523fc84 link build to github commit
    00262c9 add Project#github?
    7995d75 do not display the full sha1
    c39f42a fix epic bug introduced in ca1194f
    cbb1635 doc tweak
    c245a71 fix doc link
    4865a72 change default commit date
    8181676 remove notifier form from fork
    f54382d tweak edit / fork links
    c5ef8ab add Project#fork
    7d10660 fork!
    2328f72 upgrade to dm rc3
    cca1877 kill a couple of deprecation warnings
    810bcfb upgrade to DM rc2. dj builder is busted
    197a9b7 link to list archive
    5314951 some css test fix
    a32c230 v20 release
    0a49b50 update AUTHORS
    97df7d7 fix stylesheet test
    6a45f5a add desc to db rake task
    501c656 bunch of doc tweaks
    75b8876 quit using sass' rack thing. just check-in the css
    20dd50e do the bundler runtime fallback thing for heroku
    c4628a3 remove data_objecs hax
    ade32d7 remove Sass::Plugin hax
    8d3a219 add do_postgres to Gemfile
    341b08a fix ignores
    36f6956 remove .gems
    a7042dc revert app and helpers changes
    65b3af3 revet changes made to init.rb
    4f1e9b0 use heroku's URL env variable
    c083a75 revert README change
    870b416 re-comment out email notifier dependency
    e2cee8e fix CHANGES
    d52558d re-ignore doc/integrity.html
    8444ffe added missing stylesheet_hash method from integrity-heroku
    a9e79f4 update sass cache dir and make all sass dirs relative paths, add specific action for integrity.css (copied from integrity-heroku project)
    8a32565 put back to original configuration
    6114a7f test app.rb with config put back in this module
    cc99fe9 heroku test
    49a7b57 add back missing heroku config file which somehow got moved in a previous commit
    101575f housekeeping - remove duplicate file
    e02cad0 move heroku init file back to original naming to be compatible with install notes
    2131230 update .gems to avoid extra step for heroku install, updated readme putting heroku stuff in the correct place
    1a90cc1 update sample Heroku config and gem config
    bb4566b allow valid ref as branch
    9161baf repo help allows to checkout a branch
    bb8b2fd ruby 1.9 fix (David Sedeño)
    ca1194f by-pass hax if repo uri is available in payload
    f64836d Allow using Github-like web hooks payload with services other than Github (like Beanstalk). If payload has "uri" attribute with repository URI, Integrity will use it instead of hardcoded github URI.
    7aea302 fix pretty_date helper
    dfd1363 PrettyOutput#pretty_date now returns 'sometime' for an unset DateTime.
    c709acd 0.4.1 release
    git-subtree-dir: integrity
    git-subtree-split: 23eaa632474083341346ebcb605690becb23ffbe
    authored June 01, 2010
  5. Simon Rozet

    update readme

    authored June 01, 2010
  6. Simon Rozet

    rack 1.1.0

    authored June 01, 2010
  7. Simon Rozet

    bundler 0.9.25

    authored June 01, 2010
  8. Simon Rozet

    simpler deploy hook

    authored June 01, 2010
  9. Simon Rozet

    remove psql recipe

    authored June 01, 2010

May 27, 2010

  1. Tim Carey-Smith

    Fix typos

    authored May 27, 2010

Apr 01, 2010

  1. Simon Rozet

    Squashed 'integrity/' changes from ba83d17..47c30d9

    47c30d9 give up on caching. dont want to fix it
    0632a80 this is serious business.
    17faaea fix project page caching
    4749b2d give up homepage caching
    914c23e always display the delete build button
    f8c53de change link to ircat
    git-subtree-dir: integrity
    git-subtree-split: 47c30d9
    authored April 01, 2010
  2. Simon Rozet

    Merge commit '1c830064aab330f0c4c93513474047926c4518f1'

    authored April 01, 2010

Mar 28, 2010

  1. Simon Rozet

    bundle pack

    authored March 27, 2010
  2. Simon Rozet

    update Gemfile

    authored March 27, 2010

Mar 27, 2010

  1. Simon Rozet

    Squashed 'integrity/' content from commit ba83d17

    git-subtree-dir: integrity
    git-subtree-split: ba83d17
    authored March 27, 2010
  2. Simon Rozet

    Merge commit '8f14db298cbfd1bcc3042f252ea5d370ed7cd0e4' as 'integrity'

    authored March 27, 2010
  3. Simon Rozet

    prepare for subtree

    authored March 27, 2010

Mar 18, 2010

  1. Simon Rozet

    open source it

    authored March 18, 2010
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