Summer summit LA trip #10

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sr commented Mar 20, 2013

sr: should we get a corvette for the next summit too? gotta get in early

@lstoll Yes yes yes. You still on for SF, LA, Vegas, SF?

lstoll commented Mar 25, 2013


How old are you going to be for that summit? Still like 22? Maybe we need to look at other car choices. Otherwise, finna be driving your ass across the desert, and that's OK.


sr commented Mar 25, 2013

@lstoll Awesome. Yeah I'll be 23 by then (just fresh). Definitely would rather get a car that I am allowed to drive. What's the age requirements on sports cars or whatever?

lstoll commented Mar 25, 2013

Normally 25, once you're grown up and responsible. :p

I'll have a look at our options, maybe we can get something European.


sr commented Mar 26, 2013

Requirement Details

The minimum age for Prestige & Adrenaline Collections, as well as select high performance vehicles, is imperatively 25.

But is that an Hertz thing or an US law thing? Like does that mean you could rent it under your name and I'd be allowed to drive it anyways or what. I mean I am pretty sure @dewski owns an Audi A6 and he's not 25.


sr commented Mar 26, 2013

I'll see about contacting Hertz and straight up ask them what are the legal consequences of having an unauthorised driver for Prestige and Adrenaline cars. Sounds like I'd basically be uninsured which is pretty bad if we get in an accident while I am driving I guess. Also looks like it may or may not be possible to pay a fee for an additional driver but it's unclear whether that's even allowed for underage drivers and it depends on the location as well.

Otherwise has Mini Cooper convertibles available. Or a Mustang (lol) but it probably falls under the 25 age requirement as well. I'll ask them.

Having trouble finding a VW Beetle cabrio in SF. Found some in LA.

lstoll commented Mar 27, 2013

It's a rental company thing. Basically, their insurance wont cover it. So a) they won't let you rent the car in the first place, or b) add you as an additional driver. If I rent it and you drive, I'm liable for any damage to the car and other cars and all that. So basically it sucks hardcore.

City rent a car is no good to us, they only allow ~100 miles a day, and 50c per extra mile. For a long trip, that'll be expensive.

BH rent a car is 21 minimum, but 'may charge an additional fee for under 25'. They have some baller as fuck cars, but same sort of problem - 50 miles a day/350 a week, 50c a mile after that. And they rentals are expensive anyway

Even on the quickest SF/LA/Vegas roundtrip, it's 1208mi, which would be like $400 in mileage costs.

Basically, any of the 'specialist' rental companies are going to cost a huge amount of money.

dewski commented Mar 27, 2013

fwiw I've had luck renting cars here in the US being under 25. It's just a higher daily surcharge (almost 2x) like your screenshot shows. Oh, and found the car rental service you're going to be looking for! Hertz 2.0 Las Vegas

lstoll commented May 7, 2013

As discussed, scaling this back to a shorter trip because EuroSummer.

This is the flight in/out I'm leaning towards:

2013-05-07 at 6 15 31 pm

Based on the schedule, we'd be free to bail Thursday night or Friday, which gives us like 4 nights/5 days. A few options:


  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • Seattle
  • Portland
  • Vancouver


  • Roadtrip north - maybe even all the way to Portland? I think it's pretty scenic
  • Drive to LA. Up and down the 1
  • Tahoe / Mountains in General. Had a cabin up there once, super chill in summer
  • Napa/Sonoma
  • Just rent a car and drive the fuck around at random

What do you think?

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