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extracts video clips in anime (anything that is mkv with subtitles) by parsing and grepping the subtitle file for a chosen word. Uses mkvextract and ffmpeg to both extract the subtitles and create the clips. This fork adds further fixes within the pipeline.
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AnimeGrep: grep your favorite one-liner in anime as (a) clip(s)!

animegrep is a bash script that extracts the subtitles from an mkv video file (main use for me is anime), 
greps them for a specified word, parses them and extracts only that time frame from the source video file. 
The script outputs the clips created to out/clips.


-f <file>  the file you want to extract clips from

-d <directory>  the directory you want to extract clips from (it does all the MKVs in the directory)

-w <word>   the phrase you are grepping for

-m   merge all files in one file.


Copyright (c) Daniel Jones and Ayane Satomi, Licensed under GPL Version 3. See COPYING for details.
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