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StatusNet Blackberry
StatusNet Desktop
StatusNet Mobile
StatusNet Tablet

StatusNet Desktop

The StatusNet Desktop and Mobile clients use the cross-platform Titanium toolkit, which provides a nice JavaScript environment with various native platform access.

For full directions on building, see:

StatusNet Mobile

The StatusNet Mobile build requires copying some shared files which currently reside in the StatusNet Desktop subtree.

For full directions:

Note that the 'StatusNet Tablet' and 'StatusNet Blackberry' folders are stubs which copy most of their contents from the Mobile dirs.

Some code for StatusNet Desktop is based on Tweetanium:


Tweetanium was one of the first reference applications for the Titanium Desktop SDK. Based on the awesome work of the Titanium development team and community, I figured it was time to bring it back for both desktop and mobile. We'll see where the project goes - maybe some people will like it enough to use it? In any case, it will serve as a good example for folks looking to build desktop and mobile apps with Titanium.

Like Titanium, Tweetanium is licensed under the Apache 2.0 open source software license.