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  Fix for mystery timeline hang -- make sure our unique random key for matching up background parse event callbacks is a string, not a float, so it doesn't sometimes get changed when moving between contexts! :)
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StatusNet Blackberry Makefile now copies needed bits from othre mobile project Jul 13, 2010
StatusNet Desktop
StatusNet Mobile
StatusNet Tablet Add 'clean' targets to makefiles for mobile, tablet dirs Sep 11, 2010
tools Add JavaScript syntax checker using Mozilla Rhino JS engine to test v… Apr 27, 2010
.gitignore .gitignore tweak for Mac desktop metadata files Apr 27, 2010
Makefile Top-level makefile to build/clean the shared dirs for mobile & tablet… Sep 11, 2010 Add some stuff to the readme file so people know to look for the buil… Sep 10, 2010

StatusNet Desktop

The StatusNet Desktop and Mobile clients use the cross-platform Titanium toolkit, which provides a nice JavaScript environment with various native platform access.

For full directions on building, see:

StatusNet Mobile

The StatusNet Mobile build requires copying some shared files which currently reside in the StatusNet Desktop subtree.

For full directions:

Note that the 'StatusNet Tablet' and 'StatusNet Blackberry' folders are stubs which copy most of their contents from the Mobile dirs.

Some code for StatusNet Desktop is based on Tweetanium:


Tweetanium was one of the first reference applications for the Titanium Desktop SDK. Based on the awesome work of the Titanium development team and community, I figured it was time to bring it back for both desktop and mobile. We'll see where the project goes - maybe some people will like it enough to use it? In any case, it will serve as a good example for folks looking to build desktop and mobile apps with Titanium.

Like Titanium, Tweetanium is licensed under the Apache 2.0 open source software license.

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