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clisms command-line Clickatell SMS application


A command-line script to send SMS messages using Clickatell’s SMS gateway.

Runs under NodeJS (NodeJS must be installed). The easiest way to install is using npm:

npm install clisms

Run using the clisms command.

Before you can use clisms you need to have a Clickatell HTTP SMS account and you must create a .clisms.json configuration file in your home directory containing your Clickatell login parameters (see the example below).


  • Records sent messages in a log and has command option to view log file.

  • Has command options to query the Clickatell account balance and the status of previously sent messages.

  • Configuration options to map names to phone numbers.

Example usage

$ clisms 64912345667 "Hello World"
ID: 26a8147fa04ed9fj2a9ad125c55cee00

$ clisms -s 26a8147fa04ed9fj2a9ad125c55cee00
apiMsgId: 26a8147fa04ed9fj2a9ad125c55cee00 charge: 0.8 status: 004
(received by recipient)

$ clisms -b
Credit: 204.900


Set the Clickatell account configuration parameters in the JSON formatted configuration named .clisms.json in your home directory. For example:

  "USERNAME":  "foobar",
  "PASSWORD":  "secret",
  "API_ID":    "123456",
  "SENDER_ID": "+64912345678",
    "tom":   "+64 21 1234 5678",
    "dick":  "+61 25 1234 567",
    "harry": "+64 9 1234 346"


The original version this program was written in Python but this version is written in CoffeeScript (, TypeScript (clisms.ts) and Dart (clisms.dart) as a learning exercise.

The compiled node executable clisms.js file can be generated from either version (use the jake command to compile, jake build.ts command to compile clisms.ts.

The Dart version should be run using the command-line Dart VM (dart clisms.dart), I got errors compiling it with dart2js.