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TypesScript and CoffeeScript ports of the Meteor Leaderboard

TypesScript and CoffeeScript ports of the Meteor Leaderboard

A TypeScript port and a CoffeeScript port of the Meteor framework’s Leaderboard example.

The original Leaderboard has been enhanced with:

  • Bootstrap styling.

  • You can add and delete players.

  • Login authentication.

  • Drop-down menus to reset the data and sort players by name and score.

  • Tooltips, modal dialogs, popup notifications.

  • Meteorite smart packages.

Here’s a screenshot.

CSS is written using Less. The UI uses Twitter Bootstrap, Bootbox.js and toast.js.

Current version tested using:

  • Meteor version 0.6.0

  • Meteorite version 0.5.1

  • TypeScript

  • CoffeeScript version 1.6.2

  • Jake 0.5.13


In addition to using built-in Meteor packages the project uses two Meteorite smart packages: 'bootboxjs' for modal dialogs and 'toastjs' for popup notifications.

Clone leaderboard from Github:

git clone git://
cd leaderboard

The build process is managed by jake. Run jake build.ts to compile the TypeScript port or jake build.cs to compile the CoffeeScript port (choose one):

jake build.ts   # TypeScript
jake build.cs   # CoffeeScript

Now you can install and run using the Meteorite command: