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Added LESS compile to Jakefile build task.

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1 parent 28174c1 commit 49a47e0358dd9e170a0e54aad562ccf742979a33 @srackham committed Oct 30, 2012
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@@ -7,15 +7,12 @@ EXEC_PRINT_OPTS = printStdout: true, printStderr: true
desc 'List Jake tasks.'
task 'default', -> jake.exec ['jake -T'], EXEC_PRINT_OPTS
-desc 'Project initialization.'
-task 'init', -> console.log 'NOT YET IMPLEMENTED'
-desc 'Build JavaScript executables from CoffeeScript source.'
-task '', ->
+desc 'Compile CoffeeScript and LESS source files.'
+task 'build', ->
jake.exec ['coffee -cb',
'coffee -cb ./client/',
- 'coffee -cb ./server/'],
+ 'coffee -cb ./server/',
+ 'lessc ./client/leaderboard.less ./client/leaderboard.css'],
desc 'Push project to github.'
BIN screenshot.png
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