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Command-lne app to convert Rimu source to HTML.
Run 'node rimu.js --help' for details.
import path = require('path')
import fs = require('fs')
import Rimu = require('./rimu')
rimuc - convert Rimu source to HTML
rimuc [OPTIONS...] [FILES...]
Reads Rimu source markup from stdin, converts them to HTML
then writes the HTML to stdout. If FILES are specified
the Rimu source is read from FILES. The contents of files
with an .html extension are passed directly to the output.
If a file named .rimurc exists in the user's home directory
then its contents is processed (with --safe-mode 0) after
--prepend sources but before any other inputs.
This behavior can be disabled with the --no-rimurc option.
-h, --help
Display help message.
-l, --lint
Check the Rimu source for inconsistencies and errors.
-o, --output OUTFILE
Write output to file OUTFILE instead of stdout.
If OUTFILE is a hyphen '-' write to stdout.
-p, --prepend SOURCE
Process the SOURCE text before other inputs.
Rendered with --safe-mode 0.
Do not process .rimurc from the user's home directory.
-s, --styled
Include an HTML header and footer for styling the HTML output
document. If only one source file is specified and the --output
option is not specified then the output is written to a
same-named file with an .html extension.
--safe-mode NUMBER
Non-zero safe modes ignore: Definition elements; API option elements;
HTML attributes in Block Attributes elements.
Also specifies how to process HTML elements:
--safe-mode 0 renders HTML (default).
--safe-mode 1 ignores HTML.
--safe-mode 2 replaces HTML with --html-replacement option value.
--safe-mode 3 renders HTML as text.
Add 4 to --safe-mode to ignore Block Attribute elements.
Add 8 to --safe-mode to allow Macro Definitions.
--html-replacement TEXT
Embedded HTML is replaced by TEXT when --safe-mode is set to 2.
Defaults to '<mark>replaced HTML</mark>'.
--theme THEME, --lang LANG, --title TITLE, --highlightjs, --mathjax,
--sidebar-toc, --dropdown-toc, --custom-toc, --section-numbers
Shortcuts for the following prepended macro definitions:
--prepend "{--theme}='THEME'"
--prepend "{--lang}='LANG'"
--prepend "{--title}='TITLE'"
--prepend "{--highlightjs}='true'"
--prepend "{--mathjax}='true'"
--prepend "{--sidebar-toc}='true'"
--prepend "{--dropdown-toc}='true'"
--prepend "{--custom-toc}='true'"
--prepend "{--section-numbers}='true'"
--styled-name NAME
Specify the --styled option header and footer files:
'classic': Legacy styling (default).
'flex': Flexbox "mobile first" styling (experimental).
'v8': Rimu version 8 styling.
The following macros and CSS classes are available when the
--styled option is used:
Macro name Description
-- Blank macro (empty string).
--theme Set styling themes.
Theme names: default, graystone.
--lang HTML document language attribute value.
--title HTML document title.
--highlightjs Set to non-blank value to enable syntax
highlighting with Highlight.js.
--mathjax Set to a non-blank value to enable MathJax.
--sidebar-toc Set to a non-blank value to generate a
table of contents sidebar.
--dropdown-toc Set to a non-blank value to generate a
table of contents dropdown menu.
--custom-toc Set to a non-blank value if a custom table
of contents is used.
--section-numbers Apply h2 and h3 section numbering.
These macros must be defined prior to processing (using rimuc
options or in .rimurc).
CSS class Description
verse Verse format (paragraphs, division blocks).
sidebar Sidebar format (paragraphs, division blocks).
cite Quote and verse attribution.
bordered Add borders to table.
align-left Text alignment left.
align-center Text alignment center.
align-right Text alignment right.
no-print Do not print.
line-breaks Honor line breaks in source text.
page-break Force page break before the element.
no-page-break Avoid page break inside the element.
dl-numbered Number labeled list items.
dl-horizontal Format labeled lists horizontally.
dl-counter Prepend dl item counter to element content.
ol-counter Prepend ol item counter to element content.
ul-counter Prepend ul item counter to element content.
// Helpers.
function die(message: string): void {
let safe_mode = 0
let html_replacement: string | undefined
let styled = false
let styled_name = 'classic'
let no_rimurc = false
let lint = false
// Skip executable and script paths.
process.argv.shift(); // Skip executable path.
process.argv.shift(); // Skip rimuc script path.
// Parse command-line options.
let source = ''
let outfile: string | undefined
let arg: string | undefined
while (!!(arg = process.argv.shift())) {
switch (arg) {
case '--help':
case '-h':
console.log('\n' + MANPAGE)
case '--lint':
case '-l':
lint = true
case '--output':
case '-o':
outfile = process.argv.shift()
if (!outfile) {
die('missing --output file name')
case '--prepend':
case '-p':
source += process.argv.shift() + '\n'
case '--no-rimurc':
no_rimurc = true
case '--safe-mode':
case '--safeMode': // Deprecated in Rimu 7.1.0.
safe_mode = parseInt(process.argv.shift() || '99', 10)
if (safe_mode < 0 || safe_mode > 15) {
die('illegal --safe-mode option value')
case '--html-replacement':
case '--htmlReplacement': // Deprecated in Rimu 7.1.0.
html_replacement = process.argv.shift()
case '--styled':
case '-s':
styled = true
// Styling macro definitions shortcut options.
case '--highlightjs':
case '--mathjax':
case '--section-numbers':
case '--theme':
case '--title':
case '--lang':
case '--toc': // DEPRECATED
case '--sidebar-toc':
case '--dropdown-toc':
case '--custom-toc':
let macro_value = ['--lang', '--title', '--theme'].indexOf(arg) > -1 ? process.argv.shift() : 'true'
source += '{' + arg + '}=\'' + macro_value + '\'\n'
case '--styled-name':
styled_name = process.argv.shift() || ''
if (!styled_name) {
die('missing --styled-name')
if (['classic', 'flex', 'v8'].indexOf(styled_name) === -1) {
die('illegal --styled-name: ' + styled_name)
if (arg[0] === '-') {
die('illegal option: ' + arg)
process.argv.unshift(arg); // argv contains source file names.
break outer
// process.argv contains the list of source files.
let files = process.argv
if (files.length === 0) {
else if (styled && !outfile && files.length === 1) {
// Use the source file name with .html extension for the output file.
outfile = files[0].substr(0, files[0].lastIndexOf('.')) + '.html'
if (styled) {
// Envelope source files with header and footer.
files.unshift(path.resolve(__dirname, `${styled_name}-header.rmu`))
files.push(path.resolve(__dirname, `${styled_name}-footer.rmu`))
// Prepend $HOME/.rimurc file if it exists.
let home_dir = process.env[(process.platform === 'win32') ? 'USERPROFILE' : 'HOME']
let rimurc = path.resolve(home_dir, '.rimurc')
if (!no_rimurc && fs.existsSync(rimurc)) {
// Convert Rimu source files to HTML.
let html = ''
let errors = 0
if (source !== '') {
html += Rimu.render(source) + '\n'; // --prepend options source.
let options: Rimu.Options = {}
if (html_replacement !== undefined) {
options.htmlReplacement = html_replacement
for (let infile of files) {
if (!fs.existsSync(infile)) {
die('source file does not exist: ' + infile)
try {
source = fs.readFileSync(infile).toString()
} catch (e) {
die('source file permission denied: ' + infile)
let ext = infile.split('.').pop()
if (ext === 'html') {
html += source + '\n'
// rimurc processed with default safeMode.
options.safeMode = infile === rimurc ? 0 : safe_mode
if (lint) {
options.callback = function(message): void {
let msg = message.type + ': ' + infile + ': ' + message.text
if (msg.length > 120) {
msg = msg.slice(0, 117) + '...'
if (message.type === 'error') {
errors += 1
html += Rimu.render(source, options) + '\n'
html = html.trim()
if (!outfile || outfile === '-') {
else {
fs.writeFileSync(outfile, html)
if (errors) {