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Two Tap Web Integration example

This is a very simple example of integrating Two Tap on a desktop website. It uses nodejs as the backend server.

You don't have to use this component. Feel free to embed Two Tap directly inside your existing platform (rails/django/anything).


  • git clone this repository
  • npm install
  • edit app.js and add your own Two Tap PUBLIC_TOKEN and PRIVATE_TOKEN
  • node app.js and visit http://localhost:2500

The confirm callback call

When the shopper confirms the purchase a callback is sent to this server. Because the callback is server-side this nodejs instance must be web accessible in order for it to work.

Interesting files

  • app.js (set up a PUBLIC_TOKEN, PRIVATE_TOKEN)
  • views/integration_iframe.ejs (this is called to startup the Two Tap HTML5 interface, you will see how to pass different variables)
  • views/integration.ejs / integration.css (some UI suggestions)
  • routes/integrations.js / purchaseConfirmCallback method


Write to us at