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To run

Open index.html in Chrome (it currently doesn't work in other browsers because input-time isn't compatible).

To improve / do next

  • input time isn't widely supported, so we should replace it with something that is (I used it for ease of implementation)
  • Resize the circles based on the height and width of the canvas
  • Slowly transform the color of the circles as the time of day passes (e.g. start with a light yellow in the morning, and fade to a clear blue for the day, then a deep / dark blue for night); we could even update the color based on the local weather outside
  • Instead of mutating the state, always return a new version of the state
  • Reduce the size of the original alarm clock svg (or replace with a mini canvas drawing)
  • Allow the user to turn off the alarm
  • Add tests
  • Add type checking (flow?)