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pg_ivm 1.1 (2022-6-23)

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@yugo-n yugo-n released this 23 Jun 03:19
· 59 commits to main since this release
  • Add support for aggregates (Yugo Nagata)

    In this release, built-in count, sum, and avg are supported.

  • Add support for TRUNCATE on base tables (Yugo Nagata)

  • Add refresh_immv() function (Takuma Hoshiai, Yugo Nagata)

    This is a function to refresh IMMV like REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW command. It has a boolean parameter corresponding to the WITH [NO] DATA option. When this flag is set false, the IMMV gets unpopulated, and immediate maintenance on the IMMV is disabled.

  • Fix error codes for invalid input to create_immv() (Yugo Nagata)