A collection of interviews, resources and mentors for developers, focusing on women.
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Always Be Improving: Curating Developer Experiences

Inspired by a Github project I saw which curated interviews on how to be a better developer, I decided to run a similar project with my network, which focused on female developers. I asked anyone who was interested to fill out a short questionnaire focusing on how they improved their developer chops. There are some excellent tidbits of advice that I learned from doing these interviews, and I hope you find them to be helpful, too!

Add your own experience

Ideally, this is just the beginning - I'd love for more people to participate. The more data points the better!

If you'd prefer to email me instead of opening a PR for any of the below, that's totally fine! I'm happy to update this repo if you send suggestions to sravanti150@gmail.com


Just open a PR with answers to the questions in the interview template (and add more if you'd like). The only editing I've been doing is for grammar and clarity.


There's also another file here which is a list of people who are willing to be mentors for newbies in tech. Please feel free to open a PR if you'd like to add your name to the list of mentors.


Similar to the list of mentors, there's a list of resources for developers which is broken down into categories. Feel free to open PRs for resources that you think could be helpful.

Happy learning and growing 🚀