Supplementary material for analyzing the MoMA collection data.
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MoMA Collection DB Analysis

This repository is to support analysis of the Museum of Modern Art's collection metadata. This includes:

  • — an analysis of gender and nationalities over time
  • — assorted functions that I used in my prior analysis of the MoMA repo (but have not actively used for a few years)
  • momadb.db—my slightly modified database built from the CSV files MoMA provides. Modifications include correcting for case in gender (e.g. "Male" and "male" have been condensed to "Male") and a couple of mistyped years have been corrected.

Note that the SQL database includes a table of American female artists represented in the dataset with ethnicity information. This was pulled from the NamSor Diaspora API.

The information provided has not been endorsed by MoMA and information from the original data set has been modified. Use of this database is available without restriction.