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Gibbon is a simple API wrapper for interacting with MailChimp API version 1.3.

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Gibbon is a simple API wrapper for interacting with MailChimp API 1.3.


$ gem install gibbon


A MailChimp account and API key. You can see your API keys here.


There are a few ways to use Gibbon:

You can create an instance of the API wrapper:

gb ="your_api_key")

You can set your api_key globally and call class methods:

Gibbon.api_key = "your_api_key"

You can also set the environment variable 'MAILCHIMP_API_KEY' and Gibbon will use it when you create an instance:

u =

Fetching data is as simple as calling API methods directly on the wrapper object. Check the API documentation for details.

Fetching Campaigns

For example, to fetch your first 100 campaigns (page 0):

campaigns = gb.campaigns({:start => 0, :limit => 100})

Fetching Lists

Similarly, to fetch your first 100 lists:

lists = gb.lists({:start => 0, :limit=> 100})

More Advanced Examples

Getting batch member information for subscribers looks like this:

info = gb.list_member_info({:id => list_id, :email_address => email_array})


info = gb.listMemberInfo({:id => list_id, :email_address => email_array})

Fetch open and click detail for recipients of a particular campaign:

email_stats = gb.campaign_email_stats_aim({:cid => campaign_id, :email_address => email_array})


email_stats = gb.campaignEmailStatsAIM({:cid => campaign_id, :email_address => email_array})

Other Stuff

Gibbon defaults to a 30 second timeout. You can optionally set your own timeout (in seconds) like so:

gb.timeout = 5


As of 0.1.6, gibbon uses ActiveSupport::JSON.decode(). This means code that checked for weird API responses (like "true" on a successful call to "listSubscribe" or similar) will need to be tweaked to handle the boolean JSON.decode() returns as opposed to the string the MailChimp API returns. I understand the extra dependency might be a pain for some.



  • Copyright (c) 2010 Amro Mousa. See LICENSE.txt for details.
  • MailChimp (c) 2001-2010 The Rocket Science Group.
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