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source{d} Helm charts

This repository contains all Helm charts for source{d} products as well as charts internally used. The charts are split up in 3 categories: stable, incubator and infra. Stable contains all charts for source{d} products and most of their dependancies. Incubator contain new not well tested charts. Infra contains all charts used by the source{d} infrastructure team.

Our charts target the latest Helm release and Kubernetes v1.11 or higher unless otherwise noted in the chart.

Use charts

To use the chars hosted here you need to add this repo as a Helm repo using the helm repo add command.

$ helm repo add srcd-stable
$ helm repo add srcd-incubator
$ helm repo add srcd-infra

Chart guidelines

To create a new chart we use helm create <chart name>. Charts are tested and linted inside Travis CI in push and PR. All charts need to contain the following in the Chart.yaml file: apiVersion, name, version, appVersion, description, home and maintainers. Should a chart have optional values these should be documented using a comment inside the values.yaml file, should one of these be required it should be set in ci/test-values.yaml for the tests to pass.


Contributions are more than welcome, if you are interested please take a look to our Contributing Guidelines.

Code of Conduct

All activities under source{d} projects are governed by the source{d} code of conduct.


Apache License Version 2.0, see LICENSE.

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