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autocompletion prototype


  • Go installed and setup.
    • Make sure GOPATH environment variable is set and $GOPATH/bin is in your PATH environment variable.
  • Python (python or python3 and pip or pip3 in the path) installed. NOTE: pip must be able to run without sudo. If that's not the case, use
  • Visual Studio Code installed.


git clone
cd code-completion

Install extension

  • Download latest version of the extension.
  • Load the extension.
    • Open the extensions panel (Cmd + shift + x or Ctrl + shift + x.
    • Click the three dots to show options.
    • Click "Install from VSIX..." and select the extension file you just downloaded.
    • Activate the extension and reload.
  • Start using with any Go program.

NOTE: make sure your golang VSCode extension is not installed or active so they don't compete against each other to offer completions.