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Simple app to massively list HEADs in siva files. It can work with PGA.


Currently, you have to build from source:

# Install the Go compiler from
go mod download
go build list_heads.go
# You will get ./list_heads


In short,

./list_heads -lbash,cpp,csharp,go,java,javascript,php,python,ruby /path/to/directory/with/.siva/files

However, there are several options, this is the output of --help:

Usage of ./list_heads:
  -f, --format string       Output format: choose one of zip, parquet. (default "zip")
  -l, --languages strings   Programming languages to parse. The full list is at Several values can be specified separated by commas. The strings should be lower case. The special value "all" disables any filtering. Example: --languages=c++,python (default [all])
  -o, --output string       Output directory where to save the results. (default "files")
  -n, --workers int         Number of goroutines to read siva files. (default 16)

For each HEAD inside each siva file, the tool writes the list of file paths. If the format is "zip", each HEAD is a text file and each file path is on a new line. If the format is "parquet", the table schema is two-column ("HEAD name", "file path").


These are the results of running the tool on PGA'19:



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