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Extract Babelfish UASTs from siva files reliably and quickly. pga2uast is a CLI application which takes a directory and parses each file in each HEAD revision in each siva file in that directory. There are two output formats supported: zip and parquet. In any format, UASTs are serialized in Protocol Buffers, you can use any available Babelfish client to load them.


Currently, you have to build from source:

# Install the Go compiler from
go mod download
go build pga2uast.go
# You will get ./pga2uast


In short,

./pga2uast -m -lbash,cpp,csharp,go,java,javascript,php,python,ruby /path/to/directory/with/.siva/files

However, there are several options, this is the output of --help:

Usage of ./pga2uast:
  -b, --bblfsh string       Babelfish server address. (default "")
  -f, --format string       Output format: choose one of zip, parquet. (default "zip")
  -l, --languages strings   Programming languages to parse. The full list is at Several values can be specified separated by commas. The strings should be lower case. The special value "all" disables any filtering. Example: --languages=c++,python (default [all])
  -m, --monitor             Activate the advanced detection of "bad" repositories and automatic restart on failures.
  -o, --output string       Output directory where to save the results. (default "uast")
  -t, --timeout duration    Bablefish parse timeout. (default 1m0s)
  -n, --workers int         Number of goroutines to parse UASTs. (default 2x<your cpu cores>)


The "monitored" mode will relaunch the parsing from scratch if the worker process dies. The most common reason for this is the out-of-memory error. The master process maintains "blacklist.txt" where the "bad" siva files are listed. You should tune -n/--workers to stay small enough for your free RAM size to not blacklist pretty much every siva file.



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