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@carlosms carlosms released this May 2, 2019


Breaking Changes

  • srcd commands do not have a -v/--verbose flag anymore, it has been replaced with the --log-level=debug option (#410).
  • Command srcd parse drivers list has been renamed to srcd parse drivers (#320).
  • The srcd/cli-daemon docker image executable now requires to use the serve sub command. This does not affect end users (#410).

New Features

  • New srcd config command. A convenient way to open your ~/.srcd/config.yml file, populating it with the default config values if it is empty (#422).

  • The srcd commands now have the following new options for log messages (#410):

    --log-level=[info|debug|warning|error] Logging level (default: info) [$LOG_LEVEL]
    --log-format=[text|json]               log format, defaults to text on a terminal and json otherwise [$LOG_FORMAT]
    --log-fields=                          default fields for the logger, specified in json [$LOG_FIELDS]
    --log-force-format                     ignore if it is running on a terminal or not [$LOG_FORCE_FORMAT]
  • New command srcd components start component(s), to start individual source{d} components containers (#433).

  • The gitbase container can be very CPU intensive and some queries can cause the host to freeze. Now the container is started with a limit on the available host CPU (#452).

  • Bash completion for srcd sub commands. For installation instructions go to the Quick Start docs (#455).

Bug Fixes

  • The commands fail gracefully if an incompatible Docker installation is found, such as Docker Toolbox (#417).

Known Issues

  • #297: srcd parse does not detect the language automatically for bash files. For this language you will need to set --lang manually. For example:
    $ srcd parse uast file.bash --lang bash
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