Advanced similarity and duplicate source code at scale.
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Gemini Build Status codecov

Find similar code in Git repositories

Gemini is a tool for searching for similar 'items' in source code repositories. Supported granularity level or items are:

  • repositories (TBD)
  • files
  • functions


./hash   <path-to-repos-or-siva-files>
./query  <path-to-file>

You would need to prefix commands with docker-compose exec gemini if you run it in docker. Read below how to start gemini in docker or standalone mode.


To pre-process number of repositories for a quick finding of the duplicates run

./hash ./src/test/resources/siva

Input format of the repositories is the same as in src-d/Engine.

To pre-process repositories for search of similar functions run:

./hash -m func ./src/test/resources/siva


To find all duplicate of the single file run

./query <path-to-single-file>

To find all similar function defined in a file run:

./query -m func <path-to-single-file>

If you are interested in similarities of only 1 function defined in the file you can run:

./query -m func <path-to-single-file>:<function name>:<line number where the function is defined>


To find all duplicate files and similar functions in all repositories run


All repositories must be hashed before and a community detection library installed.



Start containers:

docker-compose up -d

Local directories repositories and query are available as /repositories and /query inside the container.


docker-compose exec gemini ./hash /repositories
docker-compose exec gemini ./query /query/consumer.go
docker-compose exec gemini ./report


You would need:

  • JVM 1.8
  • Apache Cassandra or ScyllaDB
  • Apache Spark
  • Python 3
  • Bblfshd v2.5.0+

By default, all commands are going to use

  • Apache Cassandra or ScyllaDB instance available at localhost:9042
  • Apache Spark, available though $SPARK_HOME
# save some repos in .siva files using Borges
echo -e "\n" > repo-list.txt

# get Borges from
borges pack --loglevel=debug --workers=2 --to=./repos -f repo-list.txt

# start Apache Cassandra
docker run -p 9042:9042 \
  --name cassandra -d rinscy/cassandra:3.11

# or ScyllaDB \w workaround
docker run -p 9042:9042 --volume $(pwd)/scylla:/var/lib/scylla \
  --name some-scylla -d scylladb/scylla:2.0.0 \
  --broadcast-address --listen-address --broadcast-rpc-address \
  --memory 2G --smp 1

# to get access to DB for development
docker exec -it some-scylla cqlsh

External Apache Spark cluster

Just set url to the Spark Master though env var

MASTER="spark://<spark-master-url>" ./hash <path>

CLI arguments

All three commands accept parameters for database connection and logging:

  • -h/--host - cassandra/scylla db hostname, default
  • -p/--port - cassandra/scylla db port, default 9042
  • -k/--keyspace - cassandra/scylla db keyspace, default hashes
  • -v/--verbose - producing more verbose output, default false

For query and hash commands parameters for bblfsh/features extractor configuration are available:

  • -m/--mode - similarity modes: file or function, default file
  • --bblfsh-host - babelfish server host, default
  • --bblfsh-port - babelfish server port, default 9432
  • --features-extractor-host - features-extractor host, default
  • --features-extractor-port - features-extractor port, default 9001

Hash command specific arguments:

  • -l/--limit - limit the number of repositories to be processed. All repositories will be processed by default
  • -f/--format - format of the stored repositories. Supported input data formats that repositories could be stored in are siva, bare or standard, default siva


Compile & Run

If env var DEV is set, ./sbt is used to compile and run all non-Spark commands: ./hash and ./report. This is a convenient for local development, as not requiring a separate "compile" step allows for a dev workflow that is similar to experience with interpreted languages.


To build final .jars for all commands

./sbt assemblyPackageDependency
./sbt assembly

Instead of 1 fatJar we bulid 2, separating all the dependencies from actual application code to allow for lower build times in case of simple changes.


To run tests, that rely

./sbt test

Re-generate code

Latest generated code for gRPC is already checked in under src/main/scala/tech/sourced/featurext. In case you update any of the src/main/proto/*.proto, you would need to generate gRPC code for Feature Extractors:


To generate new protobuf messages fixtures for tests, you may use bblfsh-sdk-tools:

bblfsh-sdk-tools fixtures -p .proto -l <LANG> <path-to-source-code-file>


Copyright (C) 2018 source{d}. This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.